Revolut refuses top up from credit card

Hello I have made a Revolut card with the idea to use it on our honey moon travel. I have shared my details and QR code with my friends so they can contribute if they wish to but so far all the transfers have been rejected due to “high risk”. The transactions go between 100 and 300 euros.I have contacted the chat assistants and it was useless as i got copy paste messages:try again, use another card, try another method and so on. Any ideas what could be done?

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You did say credit cards
Have you tried debit cards?

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Yes, declined due to “high risk”. I was looking if there is a setting for regions/ countries but couldn’t find anything. I guess the Revolut trial was unsuccessful and I should stick to my bank card :slight_smile:

You can use bank transfer instead

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Hello @Ralitsa_1 Welcome to the community. :wave:

We are sorry about the declined transfer. :frowning_face: Your transaction might be flagged as ‘high risk’ due to reasons such as the amount of the transaction, the frequency of transactions, the source of the funds or security reasons. I would recommend that your friends use the bank transfer method mentioned by @hup333 to make this transfer.

They can do this by going to Transfers+ NewBank recipient (Select your country & currency) → Add recipient (Enter your details) → Send (Enter amount)

Thank you @hup333 for helping out. :star2:

Veda | Community Team