Revolut Premium

What would you like to see in a Revolut premium card? Any ideas are welcomed! :slight_smile:


I would like to see Revolut premium as a whole service to be taken to a next level.
I am totally willing to pay lets say 20 eur/year to have all currencies traded at interbank rate (including THB), and to have free unlimited withdrawals on ATM and no limit on crosscurency transactions.
Then,…this would be sweet.


Hi! :smiley:

For an average of 1e to 1.5e/mo I would like to see:

  • Interbank rate (even the WE)
  • No limit for Exchange
  • Higher/Deleted limit for ATM
  • Why not a 0% fee over credit card top-up




For max 1.5 EUR / month, I’d like to have:

  • Interbank rate for all currencies
  • Real multi-currency account with the possibility to hold many currencies (including the Croatian Kuna - HRK)
  • Added Croatian kuna (HRK) currency for the bank transfer from Revolut
  • No ATM widrawal limit
  • Different approach to support: immediate or almost immediate answer and resolution of problems
  • New communication channel (web chat, phone) with the 24/7 support available


In general I agree. Perhaps just 0% on credit card top-up is a bit unrealistic… but if it happened, I would be happy


I must be weird; any enhancements you like to valued customers as long as it us free; I expect banks to make their profits behind the scenes and not to charge a fee.

The ability to choose one extra top-up currency in addition to GBP, EUR and USD.


Unlimited EU ATM Withdrawls (with some fair user policy applied) and extra top up currency of my choice.


I would replace my premium credit card with premium revolut if you included:

    • higher limits on cash withrawalls worldwide.
    • airport lounge access (ie, priority pass)
    • insurance (travel insurance, cellphone insurance) either free or at discounted rate.
    • BONUS: overdraft facilities

If you include CHF and funding can be made free of any bank charges I would consider Revolut Premium at a max. of GBP 2.- per month.


For a small monthly fee
Remove monthly ATM limits.
Free worldwide Airport lounge access.
Travel insurance
Hold other currencies on your account Turkish lira


Premium Card (Infinite Visa or equivalent) with Priority Pass and Travel Insurance.


I would pay for higher limits and a CAD balance. I don’t want to pay a premium for insurance/air miles etc as I pay Amex for those already.

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I would expect to have earn premium card status.
For this loyalty and commitment perhaps we could have access to emergency funding or an overdraft type facility for use in in an urgent predicament.

Personally, as someone that pays £4.99 a month for other services such as Netflix etc I would be happy to pay an increased fee for a premium service up to the same value.

In terms of premium service my biggest bug bare is when receiving and using money from other currencies , I recently transferred from USD to GBP with my bank converting to GBP on receipt of the USD funds and they charged an fx rate that was 8 cents higher than market. Also I would love to be able to have an account in foreign currencies that I can deposit into using an IBAN. I sell shares in USD but often vacation in the US so having the ability to keep my share sale in USD that I can then use on vacation. At the moment any top up needs to be from an account in your name not a 3rd party that prevents this.

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A second card linked to one account would be great

I think I’d pay up to £5/month if the features were useful enough. But I also like the thought there’s a way to earn it too. Maybe by participation or something.

At a minimum I’d expect unlimited ATM withdrawals - if I’m paying a fee then I expect it to cover all fees I might get asked for.

Ideas for premium in addition to those suggested by people above:

  • be able to set alerts like you have reached a pre set alert limit or something. Not a block, just a so you know type thing.
  • be able to link a second number and or card. For example if someone gets a local number for where they go. This should have a time limit on and a way to cancel if this happens. I.e. XXX-XXX-XXX for 2 weeks or something.

Will add more if I think of any :slight_smile:


I would like to se higher limits for spending, withdraws,exhange. Could be double.

  • Maestro card with NFC and imprinted numbers (online-ready), for places where Mastercard acceptance is not widely given (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium…)

Would love that.