Revolut Premium VISA

Hello. Any news on when you will be launching VISA cards for premium users? I’ve had a few issues here in Norway where merchants only accepts VISA-cards and MasterCards are declined.


You could get the premium card and then order a second normal visa, it will have all the premium benefits.

Maybe it is not possible for him to order a spare Visa.

Personally I want one too but I cannot, from Standard to Metal all I can order in the app are MasterCards. And I have a Metal subscription.

(I meant physical card, my virtual cards are Visa)

In Norway they are offered Visa for standard cards, from what I’ve heard.

Are you in the UK? You can pick up a Visa card in Wilkos. Obviously unnamed, but they sell them. (£4.99/card)

Nope I am in France.

Will check that next time I go to the UK :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible for revolut to make a combine card?
2 chip, 1 on each side, or 1 on back and front
And a magnet strip, 1 on top, 1 at the button

Visa and mastercard combined?
Does it exist?

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I can confirm I get the VISA option in app here in Norway.

A thing to remember is that many smaller shops may only opt in for the national payment system called BankAxept (which also usually come with a VISA part integrated in card).

I was chatting with Revolut support and before ending the chat I asked him about my Visa issue. The person told me that only MasterCard is offered to users in France (which must be a new policy because my closest colleague is a Revolut client and he got a Visa).

Too bad most of Revolut competitors in France only provide MasterCard as well, so I already own literally tons of them. The sole Visa I got from a mobile bank is Orange Bank’s, which is a pretty cool card btw (real debit card, with optional deferred debit) too bad their offer is a bit sub-par.

It’s a shame we don’t know each other :joy: I could have shipped you over a Visa

That’s a shame
The user should decide visa or mastercard
Or have both
At Least make the virtual visa card work with, google pay, samsung pay, apple pay, etc
So we have a backup card in case only visa are accepted

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