Revolut Premium: Travel insurance


reading Revolut’s T&C I realised that Premium travel insurance only covers trips lasting no longer than 20 days… do you have any plans on increasing this limit? Or at least being able to extend it and add more coverages?



Hi @luiciam

Hopefully you’ve now seen that we’ve extended coverage up to 40 day trips!

Have safe travels



Hi @JamesRevolut
it would be more useful if it had been extended to 62 days/two months and if you had added liability to the insurance (this is not something I plan to be using but it is always nice to know that if something happens you will be covered).



Hi @luiciam - you’ve read our minds…




Hey @JamesRevolut
does that mean that you are going to extend the trip limit and add liability insurance?


@luiciam I can’t promise anything but we are looking into it.