Revolut Premium Service is a SHAME!


So Revolut has forced me to get the PREMIUM AGAIN to be able to by Crypto currencies.
Ok, maybe I’ll give them a second shot, after all I wanted a premium card, which I paid but never got the first time. Maybe Revolut has fixed the issues they had after launching the Premium this summer.

So I get the premium, order the card. And guess what? By the time it should have been delivered, it hasn’t even been shipped!

I contacted the customer service, Premium gives 24h/7 live support.
And I’m greeted by the bot and the usual Revolut busy excuse but then the f*cking BOT tries to close the chat TWO TIMES! With the “haven’t heard from you in a little while” just after posting it’s own reply!

Guess, if I’ll want to cancel my premium the second time? And if I will want to continue having any business with such a company or giving any third chances…? :smiley:

Especially after I was getting nothing but excuses from the Revolut lately. I don’t even know how I decided to give them a second chance after all fakaps they already had.


First of al, you do not have to be a premium to have Crypto, you can wait a few weak or invite 3 person (I do like this).
Black card problem is triggered with high demand of orders as you can find in other threads in this community.

If you will wait after first ordering (first premium access) you should be informed that you will receive standard card before Premium will be delivered.


Just a usual Revolut excuse. :slight_smile:

A normal company would put out of stock on a product/service if they can’t deliver.

Revolut continues selling premium, actually, forces to buy the Premium to use basic PAID APP FUNCTIONS!

This is a complete bullshit and I’m done not only with the Premium but Revolut in whole.

The Crypto invite system was BROKEN TOO!
And two weeks in crypto can mean from 10k in profits or loses… Revolut has been promising crypto maybe around October? But failed that and still FAILED current limited Premium launch miserably!
This is not a feedback forum anymore but a board of shame. Just problems, problems and excuses from the REVOLUT.

And if this a beta, make it free or whatever… if the company screws up so bad, another sorry won’t cut anymore… but Revolut doesn’t even know how to say sorry for all screw ups and how to make it fair at least with a free premium for all issues and damage done already.


Stating that Revolut forces you to use basic app functionality is simply wrong.

There is also a simple reason for why most forum entries are about problems: this forum is linked on the website and from within the app under “help”.

(How you feel about the crypto currency rollout and its delay seems irrelevant to me. You could have invested somewhere else. It’s like blaming Apple for missed phone calls because they were delaying the latest iPhone. There are plenty other phones available. But if you want the iPhone, you have to wait.)


So finally I’ve got a response from the support.
Black cards should be in stock in two days.
And I’ll be able to cancel the premium at any time with a 14 pound fee, if Revolut won’t deliver on it’s promise again.


Ok, so they have finally sent the premium card. :slight_smile:

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