Revolut Premium POS payment limit


Anyone knows how much is the payment limit (in 1 transaction in a day) for Revolut premium card at a POS? Is there a limit? Can you pay like 3000 EURO in a transaction at a POS?

Hey what do you exactly mean? Here are a few overviews of Revoluts limits:

Cash withdrawals from ATMs are limited to £3,000 or currency equivalent per 24 hours.

Account Limits

The following limits shall apply to each Account:

Maximum Balance


Account Transaction limits

Payments IN (Faster Payments In, BACS In, Internal Transfers In)

Daily limit

£75k combined

Weekly limits

£125k combined

Payments OUT (Faster Payments Out)

Daily limit

£75k combined

Weekly limits

£125k combined

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Previous replies from @anon33247966 suggest there are no limits for POS transactions (obviously within the balance available on your account).

I’m not aware if this has changed.

(Incidentally this is the same for whatever type of account you hold, standard, Premium or Metal).

5000 is the limit per 96 hours.

Where ist that info from?

from revolut…

I had a look in the General Terms of Service and found the following:


20.1. We reserve the right to impose at our sole discretion Revolut Transaction Limits, based on criteria determined by us and that does not have to be disclosed.

20.2. You may be able to view some of these Revolut Transaction Limits by logging onto the Revolut Dashboard. Revolut may, from time to time, provide you with procedures or methods to remove or increase such limits. We reserve the right to remove Revolut Transaction Limits from the Revolut Dashboard.

In the Cardholder Terms, these limits are listed:


Maximum daily Card activity limit. €5,000 or currency equivalent.
Maximum yearly Card activity limit. €33,000 or currency equivalent.
Maximum daily ATM Withdrawal limit. €2,2000 or currency equivalent. *
Maximum yearly ATM Withdrawal limit. €33,000 or currency equivalent.
Maximum number of Cards 5
* This value looks like a typo to me, I assume it should read €2,200.

With this information, I believe the answer to @Dean111’s original question is €5,000 per day.


I have a feeling that these terms have been superseded.

Have just asked specifically in support as to whether Revolut imposed any daily or annual Card limits and the response was clear:

No, there is no such limit, we do not have limits for spending.’

So maybe the terms need updating?

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Or does support need better training? @anon33247966 report in :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks sir! Weird that they have an yearly limit tho which furthermore corresponds with max yearly atm limit. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not even close to it haha even

Shame I don’t make enough to ever have 33.000€ after tax :sob: I’d love to hit these limits

Thank you. I will check his chat. :slight_smile:

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