Revolut premium plans against monthly deposits

It used to be part of the marketing campaign; but can revolut introduce instead of monthly fees for higher/better plans a plan that you get subscribed to by how much you monthly deposit? Am in Germany and would love to switch to a premium plan simply by a monthly deposit threshold?
I am sure you can win many customers by doing so!

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While this strategy is common in some markets, are you aware of any deals where banks bundle “free” accounts with an insurance package? I can’t think of one. Competitors that use that strategy often do not offer free accounts to begin with. And they’re not including travel insurance. They often “only” waive their own fees for account and card.

There’s another reason why I don’t like the idea: traditionally, banking services are cheaper for people with more money. The argument is that the bank earns more money with them due to interest and selling additional products to them. Here’s another perspective: people with more money also profit more from the services a bank offers. Yes, it’s “your” money they’re handling, but you need them to handle it: holding it for you, offering cards, exchange and payment services. It’s infrastructure, and one could make an argument that people with more money use the infrastructure more. It enables them to do what they’re doing with their money.

I am making this argument against my own interest, but what I like about Revolut’s fee structure is that it’s fair. Pick the service level you want and then pay for it.