Revolut premium - not worth its money

Hello everybody,

I would like to inform you that you probably shouldn’t buy revolut premium, as it is not worth its money. Many things are promised but not working.

For example turbo transfers. It is promised that your transfers will be reviewed in 1 working day. I made transfer on thursday, and now, on saturday, it is still pending… Yesterday in the evening I wrote to the support, but nobody have replied yet which is also awful, especially when they state that they are online, but just ignore you :smiley:

Long story short - worst service I have ever used. Will cashout all my money that is kept there and leave :smiley:


You do realise that Friday to Monday are probably not working days because of easter holidays, do you?

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Actually friday is a regular working day in most EU countries :slight_smile: And all normal companies that provide money related services usually informs their clients if they decide not to work on any day that is not an international holiday (like Christmas for example) :slight_smile:

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Good Friday is a TARGET2 closing day for example, regardless of your local holidays :wink: No money in, no money out. Not sure about other settlement systems, but probably that too.


Actually no. Good Friday is a public holiday in most European countries. Including in the UK. And Monday is a bank holiday in the UK as well. So effectively international payment transfers are closed from Thursday afternoon to Tuesday morning.

This is public knowledge.

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If in UK it is holiday it doesn’t mean it is in other EU countries. Anyway if a company is doing business in different countries it should adjust to customers from those countries as well. A simple email would have been more than enough :smile: I would have chosen different service provider then. And now my money is frozen.

As far as I know yesterday all other banking services were working just fine :slight_smile: I made transfers from different providers as well, and that money reached its recipents just fine.

It’s actually in the T&C

““Business Day” - means a day, other than a public holiday in England, when banks in London are open for business.”

So I’m not sure what your point is.
I generally advise people to inform themselves properly, that’s the original point of the internet, to look up information - unfortunately today most people don’t use it to get information, but just to post their opinion and complain about things they could have looked up themselves :wink: :frowning:
(no offence meant! Just speaking in general)

Anyways, nothing the community here can change, I’m sure you’ll get a response from the support at some point, we don’t know what happened, perhaps there’s something else wrong like your limits are reached or something, so there’s no point discussing this here any further.
I only wanted to point out that there are holidays before and after this weekend, I thought you may have missed that, if you have another problem or a general one with Revolut’s service, only the support can help you, not the community here.

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TGood luck for you. I don’t ask anybody for help, just try to inform other users to not rely on Revolut services for really important transfers like I did. My regular bank was not working on those days but I was informed, thats why I relied on Revolut as there was no information that it will not work.

I do agree that transfers sometimes are taking long to be sent from :r: but its not that big a deal.

You realize that there are always at least two institutions involved in a transfer right? You have a sending and a receiving bank. What is the sending Bank supposed to do when the receiving bank does have a holiday and does not process payments during that time?
Besides that, there are people working behind all this and they need holidays too

Ok, I understand that our opinions are different. All good. I just tought for a moment, that Revolut could be used as a regular bank. While it serves great as online wallet, like paying for small things and stuff, it does not yet brings as reliable and responsible service as old rusty banks does. Probably i just misunderstood the purpose of revolut. Have a great holidays people.

I don’t know for sure but my guess is that the systems put in place by those „old rusty banks“ are the problem why everything takes so long. Or better: longer than needed. :slight_smile:
I always get a bit „angry“ when I do a transfer from bank A to bank B and it takes at least a working day. But they manage to take the money instantly :wink:

This statement is wrong and reality is opposite.

So if you are employed in France you « might » have to work on Good Friday.

Happy Easter.