Revolut Premium - Invalid Card number?


I’m having issue with my Premium Card. At POS devices here in Bulgaria it keeps showing the “Invalid card number” error when trying to use the card. This is with chip and pin. Contactless doesn’t work as well.

The card also works on some ATMs but not on others. I’ve never had issues with my regular Revolut card - it keeps working without any issue.

Support is really useless - the keep saying me that they have no known issues with the new premium cards and keep giving me the Knowledge Base answers without really understanding what I’m explaining.

I had this issue with my first Premium Card. Requested another one and it has the same issue. I just can’t use it unless it’s online or in some ATMs.

Is it an issue with the new credit card issuer? The old ones are made by Paysafe and the new one shows Wirecard. Could it be an issue with the fact that there’s no card number on the front but it’s moved on the back?

I’m paying premium for a few months now and I can’t use my premium card - I’m using my old regular one. This doesn’t make sense. Anyone has this issue? Any comments from the Revolut team other than the support “bots”?


Just got in touch with the support from within the app once again after waiting for 3 hours - after telling me to wait to investigate my case the support lady asked me if I’m sure I’m using the card at a place that accepts MasterCard. Although I’ve explicitly said that everytime the Premium one doesn’t work I use my regular Revolut card and it works - and it’s also MasterCard. Revolut support is really bad in the past few months


Now it’s been 12 days since I posted this and more than a month since I’ve first reported this issue to Revolut (5 times). No one seems to care. The last time I chatted with the support was 12 days ago and she said she’ll escalate this to the tech team. No response since and the Premium card keeps not working.


@murry i have the same issue but i didnt know there were paysafe cards in the past, neither that this one is issued by wirecard, but now i know.

i dont think that this can be fixed, most likely new card issuer is on the way, with no such problems. Hopefully!


Received my 3rd Premium card today and decided to try it out. It shows “Invalid card number” on the POS once again. Then I pulled out my regular Revolut card and it worked just fine. Both are MasterCard. The only difference seems to be that the new cards are made by Wirecard. The old Paysafe cards seem to not have an issue at all. What the hell?


Same problem here, but i discovered that my card is accepted at some POS by certain banks, and some not. Im very disappointed.