Revolut Premium + Crypto + Hidden RATE FEES - My Story with Pictures


I have been using bitcoin for quite some time, so I was very excited about the Revolut announcement to include crypto currencies and finally enable easy buying/selling/exchange for a tiny 1.5% fee!

Jumped to premium today. Even it cost me 82 euros because Revolut forces ONE YEAR contract and no other options!

Whatever, I will cover 82 euro fee with crypto trading in the first day. Right?

So I put total 3100 eur in my Revolut and exchange all for Bitcoins. Mornings rates are usually the lowest. And it’s today at 1 BTC ~ 14,198 Eur.

I did 3 transactions, 100 eur to test, 1000 eur for a bigger test and an amount to a total BTC balance I wanted to buy today. Total sheet here

As you can see I did the math myself Euros * rate * 0.015 fee and compared to the actual amount credited. Which turned out I was credited exactly 2% short for every transaction.

Which suggest i was charged a 1.5% fee + another 2% HIDDEN fee?

Contacted the support about this. And it turns out I was charged a 1.5% fee and a 1.5% HIDDEN RATE FEE!

And I though the mission of the Revolut was to put an end to the hidden bank fees!?

Rated the support at 1 star, they STOLE 142 euros from only TODAY! And haven’t even said sorry! Or that they will look in the issue! And will add a big fat warning about the 1.5% fee + 1.5% fee.

But I’m in the money at the evening 1BTC - 15,216 eur rate?
Which will put my original 3100 eur investment at 3334 eur after a half a day? And 234 eur profit and ~230 after fees?

As I will be charged double fees again for converting back to EUROS!
And here is the proof.
Bitcoin rate has gone from morning 14,199 eur to current 15,216 eur.
And it’s only the Revolut that turned over a 1000 eur profit and my investment is still short!
Here is a screen from the app to prove it.

Finally, I’m ok with the 3% charge, it’s really low for a convenience to flip euros to BTC in a one click. And I would have invested the exact same amount 1.5% or 5% fee…

Except Revolut proved two times today it’s a scummy starpup business maybe even worse than the bank!

  1. Forced 12 month premium contract and no other options.
    And I thought we already had this discussion. My forced 12 months phone insurance has been canceled even I had to escalate the issue multiple times…
    Revolut Insurance SCAM! Beware!

  2. People hate banks for the exact same business Revolut did today. HIDDEN RATE FEES!

  3. False advertising. Revolut does business in EU and here false advertising isn’t taken lightly. As the forced 12 months contracts are against the law.

Revolut crypto ripoff, stay clear of revolut when buying crypto
Revolut Premium Service is a SHAME!
Crypto currency

All of this information was available to you before you decided to use Revolut. I’m sorry that you didn’t take the time to research the matter.


As I mentioned I would have used the service even with a 5% fee as it’s really small for a convenience with cryptos.
Though why put misleading advertising, why force people in to contracts, why put hidden fees…

if the whole point of the Revolut was to put the end to Hidden bank fees and shady bullshit.
Yet here we are blaming banks and repeating same things they do…
So I’m complaining about the shady business practice, misleading advertising and poor customer support.

Not the actual crypto addition which even with the hidden fees is still relatively awesome compared to the alternatives!


It’s not misleading, the information is all available before you sign up if you take the time to look for it.

Revolut are transparent and despite their absolutely appalling customer service, they’re the good guys.


There were no explanations on the advert and app page about the extra 1.5% fee. And that is mandatory in the EU. Else it’s a false advertising.

And one more thing. It’s actually too easy to buy cryptos and services like premium with just one tap. It’s possible to convert the whole balance or subscribe to premium unintentionally just by an accidental tap.


The same experience in my case



Revolut 303 (almost 6% difference)



Revolut 256 (4% difference)

I can understand there’s a 1,5% fee, I can’t understand the 1,5% volatility hidden fee though (this was NOT mentioned before anywhere…) but what’s worse is… Where do the extra percentages come from?

This has remained more or less the same for the whole day


Yes!! I totally agree they are charging a lot!! The spread is really high. They are taking 4 to 5% fee. I am really disappointed. I am using also other site and revolut is with the highest fee. Contacting the support I had this answer: We are claimed because is easy to use but not for the fee…


One more suggestion.
Revolut needs a feature to better track your crypto portfolio, like rates tab should have an ability to save previously checked conversions and plot profits/loses over time on user defined amounts.


Please check this: Crypto exchange rate rip off

We’re replied to another post.