Revolut Premium card delivering times are miserable

Had to leave this here. I ordered a card on July 17. Revolut promises an express delivery of 2 days. It’s now July 31 and the card is still not here. I went premium and ordered the card because I needed it for a trip since it’s a Mastercard. I contacted support three times and they always tell me the card will be with me soon and that this is a issue with the delivery company. I suggest Revolut to stop working with them then, because this is just a shame.

I’m contacting support right now to get my premium membership canceled and the fee refunded. I think it’s more than fair. For those who are thinking about going premium, beware.


I am sorry for this. If I were you I would contact them via in-app chat. They’ll probably suggest you to order the new one.

In the meantime, if you’re the Android user, you can try to add your premium card to Google Pay.
I know that this is workaround only, but…

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I have contacted them again and they always tell me the same, that the card will be with me soon. They suggested me to order a regular one, that it would be faster, however I’m not interested in a Visa card, I need the Mastercard one. They told me to wait until the end of this week and maybe the beginning of the next one. Basically I’m getting the card pretty much 1 month after ordering it.

I’m waiting until the end of this week otherwise I’m going to remove it and order a new one, hopefully it will be faster.

Don’t get your hopes up. :slight_smile:
Ordered a card Friday night - today I have received the attached :slight_smile:
Again it’s somebody’s else’s fault…

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Would love to know what the claimed “technical issue” is.
Next thing they will be saying they have run out of plastic to make the cards

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As if any company gave you an honest response these days :laughing:

Dont you think this is actually a possible scenario? :wink:

where :r: is concerned anything is possible !



:r:evolut, endless possibilities

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“I am very sorry that you still have not received Revolut card. The demand for our cards has exceeded our expectations and our stock is depleted. Our manufacturer is experiencing a slight delay in card production. Your card is about to be posted. I hope you will receive it soon“

Can’t wait for the global expansion…
Good times are coming…

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Quick update, still waiting for my card. I wonder how many months it will take. This is lovely. There was a lot of heat here in Portugal and my standard card pretty much melted (not kidding) so I ordered a standard one as well. Let’s see which one arrives first.

Out of topic- may a ask which card have you ordered?

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I ordered the Rose Gold one and the standard pink and blue one.

I have been waiting about a week (rather more than less :slight_smile: ) for a black one.
And they didn’t give me shipment details
Something goes really wrong…

Fortunately I have it now.

Let’s see if mine arrives today, they said it would be here by the end of the week.

Hey, just interested to know why the card has to be a Mastercard one?

Do you have your desired card? (I hope- yes)

Hey, a lot of merchants in Portugal either accept only Visa or only Mastercard unless the card is a Multibanco one – Multibanco network cards can be from any. I had my card refused multiple times because it’s a Visa so I want to have a plan B in my wallet.

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No, not yet. I decided to remove the card and order a new one. It seems to have fixed the problem because I received a tracking code and it’s already in Portugal ready to be delivered this Monday (I guess).

Wish you all the best with your card!

This is getting ridiculous. I was tracking my premium card. Got the notification that it was delivered. Got home, opened the package and guess what… It’s a normal Visa Revolut card. I just don’t know what to say about Revolut right now. My card melted in the car during the heatwave here and I pretty much have no way to pay with the card. Ridiculous.

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