@Revolut please help!

I am waiting now for 48 hours on a process that the app claims can take up to 48 hours! The in App Chat is not working either (I am waiting there for about 20 hours for a response) can someone @revolut please contact me!!!

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Did you wrote live agent in chat? If yes type resolved and try again

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yes, I wrote live agent… and I tried as well to close the chat with resolved, but that does not work either…

Please @someone_from_Revolut contact me to help resolve my problems! In App chat is not working… I even sent an e-mail 3 hours ago but as well no response yet…
I am really disappointed!

This is the wrong place if you want a timely response. contact them on twitter or facebook.

I have neither of those!

Might have to get one as forums are the place for long thoughtful discussion as opposed to posting for an immediate response from staff on a Thursday

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This is predominantly a user forum and not routinely monitored by Revolut staff - I’d get Twitter or Facebook if it were me.

*barely monitored by them at all