Revolut Platinum Account with Intrest


Hi Revolut, would it not be a great idea to add also an Platinum account where you can also save money on with a small intrest on ?

So could customers who are saving their money at their local bank merge it to Revolut with some extra feautures.

An whole exclusive account (call it Gold/Platinum whatever you want)

A monthly fee for £8-15 per month including the following

- Intrest of 0.5-2% on the balance (only if the balance is >£500) and depending on the market

- Free withdrawals with no maximum

- IBAN number with full options (like SEPA transactions etc)

- Fast IBAN Transfers from other accounts to the account (like N26 they have fast transfer time)

- Revolut Platinum card with Maestro support(maybe in this case an Aluminum black/Gold card, MasterCard offers Luxury cards which could fit for ATM Withdrawals Link Luxury Card maybe Revolut could give it a shot)

- Optionally get an American Express or Visa (if Revolut could issue this) to create a bigger network to use the Revolut Card around the world *

- free top up (with an maximum of 10x monthly)

- Travel Insurance with good coverage (if holiday is booked with card),

  • Including medical assistance
  • Paying the return back if this is necessary because of illness or emergency
  • An rescue operation if the traveller had a big accident anywhere in the world and this is necessary
  • If one of the travellers dies the insurance should cover this to bring the customer/traveller back to his/her country
  • Baggage insurance

- Optional car insurance for hiring a car abroad on your holiday/business destination

- An special bonus/reward program

- Own Global Customer Assistance service with 24/7 callcenter for help

- For £5 extra 2 additional premium cards( for family member/relatives ) with same benefits

- Free fast card delivery

- Lounge acces up to 3 visits per year (further visits pay £20)*

- Platinum printed on the card (to have a exclusive feeling with the card)*

- Better Fraud protection (Like Amex blocks transactions and call you to verify the transaction if this is authorized by the customer, should be a normal thing for a premium/exclusive account)

- Special e-mail magazine with all the discounts by using the card(like Priceless Specials) *

- Exclusive Internet account to view balance, make transfers

- Offer the customer exclusive offers to invest in Revolut

With above Revolut could set an Platinum account what is possible for all customers(who want to pay the fees) and give them a exclusive feeling.
An account like this is also interesting for business users who would like to use Revolut and keep the high standards for their business trips

*not necessary but would improve the account options


Sounds interesting especially the money saving option with intrest !


Would this not be a good idea to consider now N26 launched their Black account in almost whole Europe, and is testing the metal cards account out for a small amount of customers.


I think they should do rewards/cashback based on card usage (amount spent), more than rewards based on account balance (since it is not how they make their money).

Plus, it will be very hard to penetrate markets such as the US without credit card rewards as all banks offer it to their customers.

For instance my credit card (in Singapore), charges me 1% for foreign transactions (or 0.8% for crossboarder transactions in same currency), but on the other hand I get either 1% charge back (sometimes more if I spend with their partners or during promotions such as Xmas) or alternatively I can claim miles. So in the end I breakeven compared to Revolut…

Most banks in Europe dont offer rewards so Revolut is def a better choice, but how about other markets?


N26 offers the Black cards with World Elite status, what it contains I have no idea.

But for Revolut it could be an idea to add this as well for the Mastercards and Platinum for the Visa cards