Revolut Perks


Is Revolut Perks already available?
Signed up for it but no text message received…
Anyone in Portugal had any success?


AFAIK it is available for UK based users only.


ok, thanks for the answer


It is available as a beta in the UK for a very small group of people.


Can you define “very small group” perhaps?


They have choose some people to test it out. There is no program or no way to enable it.


Ok, I just thought you had some more precise info.


Yesterday at RevRally Copenhagen, somebody asked and the answer was “Hopefully launched within a month”


Now I’m confused ‘AFAIK’ is this a messaging system purely for Revolut?


Care to elaborate, not sure I understand.


Read this link you’re attached too.


There is no link attached?

The forums use a lot of AFAIK because we do not work for Revolut. We are all just users/fans of their services. AFAIK is used if we have seen a pattern or talked to other users who have access to a feature.

So in this case I was at RevRally Copenhagen the other day. Which is an offical event Revolut they have in many of the countries they operate in. When an Revolut employee was asked about Perks, she said they hoped to launch it within one month.



If anyone of you guys have access to the Perks feature can you please send screenshots and explain it in better detail? Is it worth it?


I see Perks are beta in their site, I have iOS beta :r: but cannot see anything…are these Perks country limited?


Not country limited but user limited. It does not matter if you have the beta app because even I have it. I had a detailed discussion on this with support and this is what they tell me.


I’ve had perks for a couple of months. This is how they look in app.
I have been given 50% cashback burger King twice. 10% at Pret and 3 times 10% at McDonald’s


When will them be available for everyone?
Any new?


I’ve been offered: McDonalds; Domino’s; Pret; Deliveroo; and Amazon. As I don’t waste money on junk food, pretty useless. Biggest complaint is they are only valid for 2 or 3 days so would run out before I happened to want to use one. At the moment funded by :r: but I assume they’re amassing data to pitch to merchants to offer discounts. With 3 million cards around already could be an easy pitch.


Do we have an estimation on when the beta testing will be finished?

Thank you!