Revolut payment in US

Hi all,
I’m going to have an holiday in US with my revolut standard card.
I top up euro and I’m going to move them to USD.
What payment limit has my standard account?
I mean, there are limit for electronic payment in US (like restaurants, shops, subway …)?
Fees are charged for this kind of payments?

In the app I can see Card Transactions unlimited, FX 6000euro/month so I can top up a max of 30000euro but I can exchange to USD only 6000euro/month?
Is it right?

Yes, you’re right. If you need more- in premium plan it is unlimited.

Ok, thanks.
What about electronic payments in restaurant, shops, subway ticket?
There is any fee?
I red that I must ask to the seller to pay using USD to avoid charges.

I red about issues paying self service petrol using revolut, any hints?
About USD withdrawal, charges are applyed?

There shouldnt be.

Yes, some payment terminals might offer you their generous DCC rate and a charge in GBP instead. Decline that.

Yes, there are “issues” with such stations. Or simply put, Revolut’s card is not accepted by them

Only if you exceed your monthly account limit.

And if there is ATM surcharge

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True, good point

twen-for-christs-sake-disable-that-arbitrary-limit :wink: -ty

I was in California 6 weeks ago, I can confirm it doesn’t work. That being said, they have a lot of card skimmers in petrol stations (at least in CA), so a lot of people suggested me to pre-pay at the cashier, it’s safer (and works with Revolut)

It depends, some ATMs have an extra charge (usually $3), but you can find some without fees :slight_smile:

No extra charge in restaurants, shops, etc.

Thanks, what do you mean with “pre-pay at the cashier”?
I have to go to the cashier, say I want to pre-pay and go to refill my car?

You get a warning trying a withdrawal with ATM that applies charges?

Exactly. You say roughly how much you will need, they will get a pre-authorisation for that amount on your card.
Then, you go to the pump and get gas, if you reach the amount you told the cashier, then it will cut automatically. If you need less, the card payment will settle with the correct amount a few days later.

The ones I saw did have a warning (either on screen or on the ATM itself), but don’t know if it’s mandatory or not, sorry.

If I pre-authorise more, have I to go back to the cashier or the amount is automatically adapted to the real cost?