Revolut payment denied - still taken off my account

ok i’m gonna check it thank you :wink:

Hey @luckypaddy :slight_smile:

I have absolutely no idea. You could ask them through Twitter. They said the money was going to be refunded as soon as the problem was solved, and it’s been like this every time this has happened.

However, it has sometimes took more time (some hours) :frowning:

Hi Julio , if Revolut has taken money out of customers accounts when
payments were declined, and have not refunded it, then the problem has
definitely not been solved. I don’t use twitter but it sounds like Revolut
are misinforming people on Twitter that the problem has been solved when it
clearly hasn’t.

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I don’t use Twitter either, that’s why talking to a live agent would be ‘nice’ - still waiting.

Problem not solved - money still missing

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I have been told up to 7 days to wait for a refund. My payment or lack of it was coming up as “Authorisation Timed Out” on the shops card machine, but hey, Revolut still took the money. The shop haven’t got it as it didn’t go onto there system, this I know as I was standing there looking like an idiot. Other shoppers around me.
Wholly embarrassing.

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I feel you, had the same problem in 2 different shops. Had to leave my products behind, looking stupid.

My response from revolut was absolutely wrong I talked to live agent in the morning who told me that money hopefully will be with me today then 1 h ago received message on my girlfriend account after 24 hrs of contacting them that I will take up to 7 days unles I will contact the merchant myself !!! What ? Why I as an customer need to go further to get my money back because they had a problem or error in the system .I think they need grown ups to work for them.

Please see the post below.

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Guys, I finally talked to a live agent who cancelled all deducted transactions. Money is back on the account.

I wish you all the best to get your money back. And keep on asking ‘live agent’ on the chat… Worked for me after 24 hours and 15 messages

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