Revolut payment denied - still taken off my account


I am stuck in Spain, without being able to use my Revolut card.

My payment has been denied at one shop, had to pay by cash but 26€ has been taken off my account!!!

Second payment: ATM. 50€ denied, but removed from my account!!!

So now I’m in Spain, with no money, and had to wait and experience losing my money to have a warning message. Can somebody help? The support is USELESS and leaves its customers helpless. It’s a shame.

I want my money back asap!!!

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Hey there @bubblash :wink:

It seemed Revolut experienced some technical issues today, but it’s been already fixed (they say so on Twitter).
Failed transactions will be reverted to your account soon :slight_smile:

For more info:

Hi, I too have the same issue! 3 declined payments but Revolut has taken my money! No call centre to discuss is a joke!!

Revolut need to sort this! How do we get refunded??

Hey there @srobbo2506

Based on my previous experience, it should be automatically refunded really soon (today?).

Same here ! In Barbados on holiday card declined in shop 4 times in a row but money deducted from account each time. Tried to get cash at atm that failed too. Had the embarrassment of have no to put shopping back - customer support is useless seriously thinking about giving up on Revolut

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I too am considering leaving Revolut as I have no way of knowing if I’ll get my money back and no one to actually talk to!!

It’s been around 4 hours now and no refund.!!

Revolut I still haven’t been refunded after 12 hrs, what is going on?!

No refund for me either… And no customer service? Not as if I was supposed to be contacted 6 hours after asking for help (asked around 7pm Spanish time). Revolut will lose clients, for sure.

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I agree with you guys it looks like revolut going to loose few clients after this .I do understand issue but not the fact that there is no one to talk to when you need it too

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Still unable to get any support declined transactions still showing on account if I hadn’t had another card I would have been in real trouble by now

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Same for here !

I do get the problems too, but it’s just not professional that there is no one to talk to even in case of ‘emergency’!

Already started to build them a nice reputation on Fb towards backpackers who wanted to subscribe to their service. Not only they’ll lose former customer but also new ones!

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I can imagine. This is extremely bad :frowning:

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Still no news. Customer support with live agent nor answering at all. Waiting since 17:00 yesterday. Disgraceful, Revolut.

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Hi , this happened to me also. Yesterday in Birmingham, I tried to pay for petrol, the payment was declined but the money was taken from my account. I logged it yesterday at 1600 with Revolut support and I still don’t have my money. I ask when will they pay me back, they say as soon as possible!! No escalation procedure. Is this even legal ?

That’s a good question. I’d love to hear an official answer! At least you could talk to someone! Still requiring some help through support… Customers left without notice or warning… That’s crazy

Hello @luckypaddy & @bubblash :slight_smile:

This is not an official answer, but the escalation procedure is available at:

The link for the escalation is, based on some users from this forum:

hi i’m new in this community…i want to ask if the problem was fixed…thank you in advanced

Hey @lucian91 :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! It seems that :r: has managed to solve the problem again. You can check the latest info on Twitter here:

Juliopp If Revolut has managed to solve the problem why has the money still not been returned to my account?

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