Revolut Oremium Price


Glad revolut premium is up!

But what do you think about the cost per month?

£6.99/month *first month free - £76.89/year?


The € price is €7.99/month. I paid €90 for travel insurance this year which works out at €7.50/month so for an extra €0.49 it’s a no brainer. Next year I had intended to switch to either a premium credit card or N26 black to get my insurance and other bonuses, but this will be a much better solution for me. Of course, I likely won’t be purchasing it until early March next year as that’s when my insurance runs out!


Hi thanks for your reply and some clarification, just wanted to know some thoughts.
Never really had travel insurance… will have to look into this.
You also have the yearly payment scheme with a further 14% discount


It does not offer anything I find appealing. Insurance is too expensive for me, my travel health insurance plan costs me 10 EUR per year – and this is already the plan that won consumer report’s survey here. This offer is probably mainly designed with the UK market in mind.

I don’t withdraw cash that often, so even with hitting the 200 limit once in a while and paying some fees, I am better off. Same with FX limit.

I am quite happy with the standard plan for now. I think it is a fair deal.


I just found this in the FAQ section for “Premium”:

We will be adding loads more exclusive Premium features over the next few months, keep an eye out for updates!

Let’s wait and see what they have up in their sleeves.


Nowadays so many bank accounts and various cards throw in travel insurance and accidental damage to products.

I think premium is way overpriced.


Yeah, at first i thought it was over priced… i did see the forumns before launch people expecting €2 per month etc… but not £7! (€8-9) lets see what happens… hopefully more great features to come


I don’t think this is a great deal.

The cost and the excess at £95 for each claim are quite high. The term “each claim” needs clarification too - is that the total, or each visit to a specialist and other costs for example.

20 days is too short if you are travelling to the other side of the world and the insurance is only for one person not partners or family. My travel health insurance costs 20euro for two people with zero excess.

The Revolut is great however, just not this insurance.


Way too expensive for what it is.

Can get much more for little extra via my bank.
£3 more gets travel insurance (family, no excess), phone insurance and breakdown cover.

Not worth it to get travel insurance and a slight increase in ATM withdrawal amounts


I think the price is reasonable and I like the premium cards.

There is no use for me to get the insurance at the moment but I would appreciate a custom premium feature. To pick the things you like, picking the cards and extended cash withdrawal only for example.


Insurance is “Travel Health” only. So the only 3 travel insurance claims I have ever made (delayed luggage, pre-trip cancellation due to parent illness, and bad weather delayed return) would not be covered. My 1 medical issue was fully covered by my EHIC Card. And at a cost equivalent to my current comprehensive, family, 31 day travel policy? Good luck with this one.


I think N26’s insurance cover much more at a less price, but its limited only in 6 countries.


I haven’t seen one single insurance bundled with a credit card that has better terms than a stand alone insurance plan.

Especially health insurance seems an odd choice for Revolut, because health insurance is so different between countries. In some EU countries, one would get better coverage for about 10 EUR / year. In other countries, Revolut’s offer might be a better deal. Travel insurance (lost baggage, delays, … ) would have been a more obvious choice for me, more “universal”.