Revolut on Oneplus phones

Everything works fine with my OnePlus 6t. I suppose someone would get in touch with me if my phone would not be supported by a certain kind of apps.
Oxygen & Android are both 9.xx.

So I think at one point misinformation came into play here.

Huawei will get trouble, but as stated before, they all come from China. Even Apple & Samsung buy there. Else a S10 would likely be 1500€ and the iPhone maybe 2500€?! :joy:

I was thinking of installing an inofficial LineageOS on my Nexus 5X for a longer time - until I found out the mandatory app for my creditcard (main card, not revolut) can’t run when there’s an unlocked bootloader, root, or non-certified OS (the cc-app specifically checks for stockroms); the banking-app only checks for bootloader and root, and in my thread asking here for the revolut-app on customROM - some had luck with magisk, some without anything, very inconsistent.

And as there’s no other way than the app to control ones revolut-account, I’d prefer a stockROM over CustomROM; thus me asking for “is there a OxygenOS-ROM” -> as stockROM, it sure would allow revolut to run, IF the (old) CyanogenOS is the source of the issue…


I’m new to Revolut with a rooted OnePlus 1, CM13 (13.1.2, latest available), Android 6.0.1 (latest available).

I have experience of 1 banking App not working because of rooted phone. All Others 5 I have are just working great.

The latest version of Revolut that I could successfully install is 5.29 (via APK). The latest available version (6.0.1) seems NOT to be compatible with my device (Google Play).

Trying to install manually any further APK will result in a crashing app that cannot be started.

I’m looking forward to hearing from Revolut Support as well.

Well, i’m using OnePlus 7 Pro (all stock) and 3 days ago Revolut was updated to version 6.1

So, till now i didn’t face any problems. Let’s see what happens.

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What about to update to a safer (and updated) version of Android?

Problem still present in 6.1. App keeps crashing.

Thanks as well for the useful link about updating Android for OnePlus 1. I’ll sure get into it.

Just installed v6.4 of the app on my Oneplus T3 phone and it works fine :smiley:

Which Android you have on Oneplus 3T ?

I have a Oneplus 5 (Android 9 stock ROM).
The app is not working for me since version 5.29. Can anyone help?