Revolut on Oneplus phones

I receive information from Revolut support that Google maid a decision not to support banking apps on Oneplus phones. Google believe, I was told, Oneplus modified android in a way it’s not safe for having banking apps on them. For this reason Revolt will not update my app on Oneplus phone and it will cease to work on Oneplus phone.
What is your experience with Revolut app on your Oneplus phones ?


I have a OnePlus 6. No problems so far and the app has been updated all the time.

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Maybe its only for some specific oneplus model?

I have OnePlus One but other OnePlus also have modified android. I have Cyanogen OS and newer have Oxygen OS if I remember correctly.

Did you check whether your device is Play Protect certified? It’s in the settings of Play Store, right at the bottom. I have seen custom ROMs where this was not the case and Revolut wasn’t available for download.

My phone is Play Protect certified, is green, it’s working. I do not have custom ROM but default ROM from OnePlus. I have never messed with changing ROM.

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That would be disastrous. Have so many banking apps on my phone. It would go in the bin if I couldn’t use those apps.

If customzing the ROM entails rooting the phone avoid that at all costs. I ruined a s3 mini doing that as many banks don’t allow banking apps on rooted devices.

I was never able to use my Barclays on that device again even when I tried to unroot it!

These days it’s not too bad with custom ROMs. I am using a custom ROM and I have root via Magisk and I have no problems with any of my banking apps and for that matter even Pokemon Go works, which is quite restrictive about tampered devices.

But back to the issue, I really wonder what the problem is. I’m not sure, but latest OxygenOS for OnePlus One (2.1.4) should be based on Android Lollipop, which is the last Android version still supported by Revolut. I doubt it’s because of OxygenOS, pretty much every manufacturer is using a modified version of Android and there are no issues with that.

If I’d have to take an educated guess, I’d say it’s because they’re from china… (Imagine if this’d be true - and they’d hit xiaomi-phones, too)

I’d say it’s time Revolut also “signs up” with other stores; like aptoid. So User of “no longer accepted” phones can still continue both phone and revolut…

…I wonder what will happen if suddendly several phones become useless, and people can’t use revolut anymore (without buying a new cellphone)…

Web app (not android emulator) now!

It’s only three years: Please provide a web app


OnePlus One by default have Cyanogen OS not OxygenOS. And the last OTA update brought Android 6.1.

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As far as I know all phones except Apple (which is still made in China) and Samsung are from China (are design by Chinese companies.) Even brands like Nokia and Motorola are hold by Chinese companies.
So there is no one that still use OnePlus One and Revolut ?

Yep, I know. Gonna be funny when the US are going on with their tradewar… (sadly, Huawei stepped back from implementing ArkOS (the Android-alternative) on cellphones… :-/

…if Support can’t help you - is there an OxygenOS for the OP one? Maybe bec. Cyanogen is rather old (and maybe therefore considered a security-risk?)

Sorry, wasn’t aware of that, I assumed they dropped Cyanogen altogether for all devices and switched to OxygenOS. Either way, even Android 6.1 is kinda old at this point.

YMMV, but I’d consider a custom ROM at this point. There are quite a few custom ROMs based on Android 9 for the OnePlus One.

Samsung is from South Korea.


If you choose custom rom, will banking apps even work?

It’s difficult to tell, since I do not have the device and therefore I can only make assumptions. Try to check forums like XDA or possibly local alternatives for some feedback and other than that MagiskHide is usually doing a decent job, Revolut works fine even with fingerprint, same with N26 and my Czech bank and I was told the same about Bunq. Most of the apps that I know just give warnings if the device does not pass SafetyNet integrity check, which is either fixed directly by the kernel or additionally via Magisk.

Based on my experience I would say that LineageOS and SyberiaOS are usually good options, since official PixelExperience ROMs are not available for the OnePlus One.

I checked and LineageOS 16 nighty change every day. I wonder if it is stable enough to install it. I was also looking for version LineageOS 15.1, but the information is that they do not support any longer. Be the way maybe anybody know if I install LineageOS 16 will the daily updates come OTA ?

Usually once it becomes an official build, it’s stable enough for daily use. Maybe I’d wait for a bit more for Syberia to reach the state of having SELinux set as enforcing (right now it’s permissive). Syberia is great on my two devices (both Xiaomi) and has weekly updates most of the time. LineageOS official builds should all be enforcing SELinux (at least it used to be a requirement). I mean, if you have a Saturday to waste, I’d try both (and maybe some other alternative) to get a better impression.