Revolut on new Huawei Devices

Anyone with Huawei Devices?

Hoping Huawei Pay comes to the EEA soon with Revolut as a launch partner & hoping Revolut makes it to the AppGallery (as Huawei now don’t have the PlayStore due to the trade ban from the US)

Would like to see how many people use the AppGallery or are getting a new Huawei device so we can encourage Revolut to push to the platform



To update, I managed to get Revolut working pretty easily

Obviously no Google Pay, which sucks.

Would be great if Revolut could make their own contactless payments or partner with Huawei for the launch of Huawei Pay


+1 for :r: tap&pay… but I fear it won’t happen… :r: not listening… well, bunq and other can do it!


How did you manage that? Did you sideload the app?

This is an actually outstanding news!
As new Huawei-Devices are not part of the SafetyNet (Google Play-Services, “securing” the apps), this would mean LineageOS should be able to use the same installation-routine you have used!

I would, if you had to sideload the app, appreciate if :r: would actually support AppGallery “native”; Huawei produces some realy neat smartphones, but almost ALL competitors are NOT supporting Huawei-Store due to “no SafetyNet”… :r: now could make some ground supporting Huawei… (also this’d make competitors consider their position)


F-Droid has an app called Aurora Store. It links directly to Google Play and mimics that (although I did manage to get an APKPure version running too)

It doesn’t require Google Mobile Services, but obviously some of the buttons (specifically add to Google Pay) isn’t going to work; tried working around that but no dice.

Revolut is probably one of the better apps for this in all honesty, everything in it’s entirety seems to work!

I’ve requested it on the Huawei AppGallery through their “wishlist”. I think Huawei contacts developers manually to tempt them over, hopefully Revolut will move on over to the platform! In 1-2 years I want to distance myself entirely from any other app store (and hardware manufacturers), but obviously at present I’m unable to do so


Wow, thanks, Aurora Store went completly under my radar… Will give it a try :slight_smile:
(want to upgrade my old Nexus 5X with PixelExperience, checks if the apps run with GPlay first, THEN “it’s open” (still hope they’ll do an official LineageOS17.1 for the 5x (they did it for the Nexus 6 dammit))…

Used the wishlist, too - but many of the apps have companys that say “we’ll not go there”… (ôO)

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I’m hoping Huawei at least gets alternatives onto the AppGallery so eventually they have to. + as HMS evolves porting will be easier or maybe even emulation of GMS powered by Huawei?

  • Aurora Store/Yalp Store on my phone doesn’t display Revolut in search results.

  • And I think downloading it from Evozi or any web mirror isn’t safe (Revolut doesn’t publish any SHA-1 checksum of the app on the website —which would be a great security practice—).

  • At least if their app was securely signed… But no!

$ apksigner verify
WARNING: META-INF/ab_experiments_api_release.kotlin_module not protected by signature. Unauthorized modifications to this JAR entry will not be detected. Delete or move the entry outside of META-INF/.
WARNING: META-INF/ab_experiments_impl_release.kotlin_module not protected by signature.  (...)
WARNING: META-INF/ not protected by signature.

So, how to download it without Google?

One thing is sure, if I ever become client of Revolut one day, given they care so much about compatibility, web-app, and security:
1- Won’t be my main bank account
2- Small amounts of money

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I can’t create new topics, so i will ask here.
I just now downloaded mobile application, and received verification code, but when i open application again i have only window to send this code again, i can do nothing else. What can i do?

Try Apkpure or APKMirror. Both are good; weird though as Aurora shows Revolut for me

Are you connected as Anonymous on the Aurora Store?

And as I say, I have limited trust in ApkPure, ApkMirror, and likes. It’s a banking app after all, temptation is huge for any hacker.
Can’t Revolut devs post checksums for their apps at least?

No, logged in with my business account

That’s why you see it :wink:

Depending on the country/age/etc. that the Aurora Anonymous Google account is registered with, you may not view everything. And the Aurora team registers Google accounts “as they can”…

So, my question stays the same: How to download Revolut without Google?

APKMirror I guess. About it

@ArsenG is there any chance you could refer this thread to someone on the engineering team? Would be great to see Revolut launch Huawei Pay in the UK, onto the Huawei AppGallery and for a watch app etc


LOL, I’m an engineer myself, an iOS one :upside_down_face: anyway I will ping our android folks


Much appreciated :slight_smile:

If there’s any extra appreciation from the team to know the following: you’d be the only UK bank on the store + the only bank in Europe that can use the payments features (should you implement them as a launch partner)