Revolut on Huawei devices

I don’t know how to get this to anyone in engineering (but my most recent spot has been @XaviRevolut so I’ll tag you here; apologies but if you could forward this to a colleague)

It would be great if Revolut could port over to Huawei Mobile Services and to Huawei AppGallery as they’re still a very popular brand but no longer have access to Google Mobile Services due to the trade embargo from the US.

Ideally beta could be published to it as well!

It might actually net Revolut a lot of users if they implemented Huawei Pay too and started a launch of it in the EEA/UK at the same time, which I’m sure Huawei would be eager to do (and if Revolut was the only launch partner I can see a good portion of Huawei users opening an account all over the EEA)


Sorry, could you tell me how to post questions on Revolut Community, I don’t know how to do it, and it looks like I can’t login to my phone Revolut App. Really can’t find any way to contact with Revolut supporters.

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Try contacting them via Twitter

They’re not too active here. You need to be a higher level to start topics too (I’ve been here for a while in your shoes replying to other topics)

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