Revolut on Apple Pay (Apple wallet)

So it’s just a thought but it will be very cool I you could add your card on your Apple wallet and then you could pay just with your phone


Hi @gmolfetas0,

Thank you for your feedback. Join the this topic Apple Pay support

@anon33247966 @gmolfetas0 that actually went live yesterday.
at least i got the popup for it

It’s Apple Pay for Top Up, I think @gmolfetas0 means Apple Pay for spending.

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In fact, Pay (Apple) is actually only for Top-Up, not yet for Spending bu it will surely come later… :wink:

Yeap. I wasn’t so clear

Just would like to add to the long list of people demanding that we could add our Revolut card on Apple Wallet to be used for Apple Pay payements. I sort of signed up for that purpose as not all banks in some countries are yet authorising Apple Pay.

I felt a bit deceived as I did read somewhere that Apple Pay was already compatible with the R card. Turns out I could only make a transfer onto my Revolut account using Apple Pay, which is bit weird, as then why not simply make it compatible with the Apple Wallet and Apple Pay altogether?

When is this coming?

I would like to use Revolut with Apple Pay when I go to France, for example, without having to pay outrageous FX fees with my regular UL bank.

Many thanks in advance.


The only statement that :r: currently gave is that it will be available in “a couple of months, maybe sooner” :wink: (many thanks to @korolija again for making this video :smile:)


Is it not available yet? I love Apple Pay and it is very useful

Existing thread:


Any update on this? Its August 2017.


Agree, I’m surprised this isn’t already in place. Any update?

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I buy into Apple products and services as much as the next guy, and I’ve been following this thread for a while hoping to have Apple Pay support, and my experience with paying with Apple Pay is quite good (with another credit card of course). However, the fun is fading a bit, and I find using a contactless card is in fact more convenient - 1) the card is easy to place on the reader, no buttons, easy to keep card in shirt pocket etc 2) if I’ve exceeded some local limit on contactless, I just enter my PIN - with Apple Pay I have to start again with a card

So I already have what I need with my Revolut physical card. I’m not trying to be annoying to the people who do find a huge value to have Apple Pay support, just suggesting it may not be the thing we have to be desperate for - just another nice thing when it finally arrives.


Any updates on this?

See this thread: Apple Pay support

Revolut are staying quite tight lipped except to say that it’s months not years away and they were waiting to become their own issuer. They will become their own issuer in January as you may have been notified of and they have just announced European banking, which they were probably looking for in order to get a thorough European rollout of Apple Pay. I suspect that it’ll be in January now although they may be able to do it on current cards the only hold up therefore is Apple’s regulations that need to be strictly adhered to and take quite a while.

UPDATE: Yesterday a tweet from Revolut said there would be an announcement soon. Although not sure how soon :frowning:

Hope this helps.

Revolut, I am sure the community would like a bit of clarity on this and a clear update on the current status of Apple Pay.



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Any news on this? :frowning:

Not yet :slight_smile:

Oh man, this would be so great. I got my physical card yesterday and had to go through the ceremony of pin, then the cashier asking me which currency to charge in, then I had to sign manually for the purchase. Wallet support would cut the ceremony down by at least one step.


How long still for apple pay ??? We have been waiting such a loooonnnnngggg time now. Would be a great Christmas present ? :smiley:


I have just signed up to Revolut. I’m amazed that Applepay isn’t available for such an innovative account.