Revolut Offers

let’s kick-start the discussion about a soon-to-be-launched Offers.

In a nutshell, we are redesigning the whole user experience around Offers, and working on onboarding well-known merchants.

It would be great to hear your ideas regarding what kind of offers are worth to be added to Revolut.



Hm, airport lounges :wink:


What is an offer?

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Airport lounges please :slight_smile:


I follow BlackPrince. What is exactly an offer ?
Airport Lounges is a long awaited « offer »

  1. Airport Lounges

  2. Frequent flyer miles/travel offers

  3. discounts on premium/platinum/travel insurance (not just medical expenses cover)

Avoid things s like coffee shop rewards etc. This is too fragmented for the Europe wide Revolut customer base and would disadvantage a substantial proportion of clients who would not have access to such offers.


Hey, ArnaudK and BlackPrince,
sorry for the delay with the answer - I was waiting for the video from the latest RevRally that explains the Offers feature that we plan to implement.

The idea is to add a tracker of your activity, like the one who counts your steps and help you achieve daily goals. But unlike steps counter, our tracker will count a number of your payments with Revolut card. Our tracker will also set some goals, and when you achieve them, you get a reward - e.g. free coffee, Uber ride, etc.

The full video is available here:

The Offers part starts from 39:30.

Would be great to hear your feedback

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Why would I want to set a target number of payments to “achieve”? A payment is just something that is necessary - maximising the number made makes no sense.

Nice point. In Revolut that goal is the same for all users. We give a prize after every 10 payments. It is like stamps card that you receive in Starbucks - the one that offers you to buy 10 cups of coffee to get one for free.

However, in our case, you are not limited to Starbucks. So you may pay anywhere, and get a reward from Revolut.

So if you use the card more often, you get more different offers from us. In this way, we say thanks to our customers.

Apple Pay and Airport Lounges will be fine :wink:


Would love to have Airport Lounges but first accepting deposits from Kraken/Bistamp is vital for me. Otherwise, Revolut would become useless and I really loved it!

Hm, some merchants that I would like to see offers for:

Majestic Wine
Evans Cycles

… and what about Revolut‘s own services, like one time higher free ATM withdrawals, deductions on premium / platinum prices?

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Hey Frank,
thanks for helpful ideas. Indeed, we have plans to give higher free ATM withdrawals, as well as premium. Another thing that we are thinking about is a ‘buddy link’ that you can send to your friends and they can order card delivery for free. In your opinion, would this option be useful?

As for the Evans Cycles, are you sure that this offer may be interesting to the broad audience?

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Hm, maybe. It seems like people really liked the free card offers. I personally don’t care much about a one time shipping fee.

People should bike more :wink:

More ideas:

  • Cinemas, Picturehouses for example
  • Gift cards (my standard bank sometimes sells Apple gift card with a discount, 5 to 10 percent cheaper than the nominal valué)

Definitely :slight_smile:

As for the gift cards - have you ever bought gift cards from your standard bank? Just curious, how interesting this discount really is.

BTW, why you don’t use Revolut as your standard bank?

Yes, I bought Apple store gift cards there a couple of times when they were on discount. It’s handy, its integrated in the bank’s online banking, its not channeled through a credit card but directly debited from the account. They allow to top up prepaid plans for all major national mobile phone providers this way, and Apple/Google Store gift cards.

Hm, let’s say Revolut is my revolutionary new not so standard bank. :wink:

There is no Direct debit yet for UK customers :slight_smile:
Couldn’t fully switch to :r: :frowning:

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How about just making the basic service work reliably, with accessible support for when something goes wrong?