Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Well I know 100% it was displayed as a Maestro. However, as long as all the numbers are okay… :grin:

Also, there have been reports before saying their cards work but are displayed grey – or whatever – in GPay. Not a problem besides the graphics.


Strange, to my knowledge :r: has mastercard and visa cards only, i did not know they even offered the maestro cards (here they are usually issued by banks to kids, cards with limitations).

Edit: Revolut-Maestro cards [NOW WORKING]

Had no idea, not that i can understand why anyone would want a card that has less functionality than the regular MC/VISA?


It is widely spread in DE (because the % for aquirer are lower than MC/Visa). But this is getting off topic.


Yes, here in Sweden most banks offer regular visa/mc rather than maestro. They are usually debit though - doubt there is less % for aquirer using a maestro here to be honest.

Of topic for sure, yet - now i know why the clerk at a small supermarket in Germany disliked my debit MC/VISA and rather take cash :nerd_face:


To piss off clerks who prefer cash, try to pay with 500euro bill. It will drive them mad :rofl:


I did that once with a restaurant in Greece at the end of my holiday when I didn’t want to withdraw any more cash and wasn’t expecting to need any more. I used my emergency €500 note to pay a €30 restaurant bill. Being a cash-only business, they had plenty of change, including 4 x €100 notes.


I’m interested to know how the security settings will work when Revolut eventually launches Apple Pay. On Google Pay, does the virtual Google Pay card appear as a separate card within the Revolut app with its own security settings? If not, are there separate contactless security settings for the physical card and for Google Pay? The reason I ask is that many people will want to disable contactless for the physical card but continue to use Google Pay (and later Apple Pay).


Very good question @NFH

Google pay shows my revolut card and it’s last 4 digits but for payments it uses a separate virtual card number.

I’ll try turning contactless off in :r: next time i do some shopping. Remind me if i don’t get back to this in this thread!


Thanks @Swede

That’s the same with Apple Pay for all card issuers. The virtual card number is different from the physical card number.

In the cards tab of the Revolut app, does the virtual Google Pay card appear as a separate card (like a Revolut virtual card) from the physical card(s)?


Nope, in the cards tab i have only my revolut mastercard and if i swipe left i can apply for a new card. It seems the adding of a virtual number happens behind the curtains within Google pay in cooperation with :r: for sure.


Yes, it’s the same with Apple Pay. The card issuer creates a separate card number for the Apple Pay virtual card (which is evident on receipts), but the last 4 digits of the physical card appear on the virtual card in Apple Wallet.


I did that once with a restaurant in Greece
Being a cash-only business.

Hey @NFH , Now any kind of Businesses(restaurant, coffee shops, convenience store) accepts Debit and Credit cards. They pass a new law for this. So if one store decline to accept credit card then they are braking the law. So Next time visit Greece you will be fine! Nevertheless by a new law, 500 euro bill stop accepted by any store or bank.


No. That rule is that if they do accept cards, they can’t discriminate between card types (debit, credit, etc) so if they accept Debit then they can’t deny a Credit card. So businesses can still be cash-only.


It’s a new Greek Regulation that apply to all business in Greece. This means all business must accept card payments. It’s not allowed to be cash only anymore.
If a business in Greece deny you a card payment then the Greek government will fine that business.


That should make traveling to Greece easier. Is it actually being enforced though?


Yes. Its a Greek regulation.


Thanks @dimitrism. What’s the name of the legislation? Where can we read its wording? Presumably on a Greek government web site for publishing legislation?


Presumably it is enforced by consumers. If the business doesn’t accept card payments, then they don’t receive the payment, given that the consumer can refuse to pay by cash.


its in greek but you can use google translate.
The website is from The Greek Trade and Entrepreneurship Confederation


Google Pay works great with me standard :r: card. But I recently subscribed to :r: Premium and after successful registration and activation of my new premium card with :r: App and allowing contactless payments in the security settings, I am still unable to activate contactless payments in Google Pay. It keeps mentioning that “This card can’t be set up to pay in stores”.