Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Google Pay contactless payments work in Germany with PayPal now, my need for having Revolut Visa supported is almost gone now (except for some rare non-Euro payments).


May I join to beta tester?
I would like pay in lots of place in Hungary.
I think, this pay will be perfect, if we can use in many places, lots of people will begin to use this online bank. Present service very slow while paying or can’t use it or hardly.
I would like to testing this pay opportunity, that here we or tourist can use it nicely. And I make feedback where I could or couldn’t.
Thank you


It’s completely random who is able to beta test this feature. All you can do is to wait.

Yeah finally, sadly some places accept credit cards but still no NFC/Contact less payments. But you can at least do instant topups with it :smile:


I don’t get it. Based on what you are writing about here, (and what customer support told me) Google pay should not work unless you are a beta tester with the Mastercard. I have set up my account like 2 weeks ago (without signing for Beta testing) and I was able to add my card to the Google pay and simply pay using my phone (there was no problem with my transaction approval).

So does it officially work or not?


It only works for some users.This is a joke! Are you at least premium or metal user? But Google is even too stupid to launch their hardware (e.g. Pixel phones) in the whole EU.


As it seems to me GPay beta and App Beta are two completely different things. So you could be in the GPay beta whithout App Beta access becaus it’s handled by thier Bins. I think they just want a small amount off Beta App Tester while they need a bigger amount of people testing GPay on a daily base in different regions while adding over time slowly more and more Bins.


You don’t have to be neither beta tester nor Premium/ Metal user to have possibility of GPay (for sure!).


That’s why it is a joke! Enabling GPay for random users… maybe they don’t need it/can’t use it (e.g. phone without NFC). And on the other side there are Premium/Metal users who are waiting for it and don’t get it. Well, my Premium membership is already paid until August 2019, so I can only complain.


I am on paid plan, and I do have GPay
My wife is on standard plan, and she has GPay too…


Ooh, it can be truth.
And when are we ( Bin: 527346) coming? :slight_smile:


On which country are you?


Google Pay with MC without any fees, tested this morning. Switzerland

Edit: only the first payment was free, on the second I got fees. So not good eventually. Same for other swiss people.


I have a 527346 MC metal but can’t add it. Where as I can add a premium card with 539123 mc. So not sure how random it is


Hi! Could you tell me if Google Pay worked with your virtual card before you received the physical card?

I’m still waiting for the physical card, but I added the virtual card to Google Pay, but upon trying to pay I was asked to use the chip or magnetic stripe. That’s on a terminal that works perfectly with my other wallet app (using another card) and NFC.

I’m thinking I might have to wait for the physical card, activate then use it once (with PIN code), before I can use Google Pay…


Yeah , you need to use it once before.

I had last month a bug where I could add my Maestro Card to GPay. But as soon as I added it I got the notification that my card is fully unlocked now because it counted as Chip & Pin which is a big security flaw.


I’m struggling to get this to work, is there anything special I need to do to get GPay to accept the card?


Nope , you just need to be in the Beta. You won’t be able to join the Beta on your own since it’s very much random who gets access. The only thing you can do is to try it from time to time or just wait till they release it fully :smile:


Is it really still in Beta?

Google pay was released in Sweden oct 30th and only 2 local banks are initially supported but also :r: they proudly state in the press releases. I installed google pay and successfully added my :r: mastercard (rfid enabled and issued summer -17).

Made my first Google pay payment with my phone yesterday. Everything seems to work flawlessly!


Well, I had my first try yesterday at a supermarket and it was flawless. However, what’s displayed as my standard card was correctly shown as Maestro before an now is a Metal MC. :man_shrugging:t3:


Well then something must be wrong for you, are you sure it displayed as a maestro card? If so there is your problem i suspect - my card shows up exactly the same in google pay as in revolut app, its a regular mastercard debit.