Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


I think it might only work with MasterCard currently. But it is very close to being available to everyone. Since many have access already :slight_smile:


What means “very close”? Days or weeks?


Weeks at most. Or that is my feeling


I payed more than 80 eur for year membership just to get MasterCard, hopping to get and connect with google pay. IT IS NOT WORKING. the card can not be excepted in google pay.
There goes my money down the drain. what is going ON???


Well, Google Pay isn’t officially introduced yet. It’s still in beta test for a selected number of customers. Google Pay isn’t advertised as part of the Premium subscription.


Than does selected costumers should not advertise around the internet that this is the best and ommm omg woking everything with no problem…


Can I disable NFC and online transactions in this App and still use google pay?


I think NFC can be left disabled, but you need to have online transactions turned on :slight_smile:


At least online transactions you do not need to have activated. Tested myself. You just need to have it on to activate Google Pay for the first time.


That is good to know and makes sense. As Google does an authorization transactions to validate the card.


That’s because google pay supports offline terminals, but not unlimited!


You’re mixing things. One thing is use Google Pay when connected to the Internet or not (if not connected the number of transactions is limited). Another thing is how these transactions are handled by Revolut: they are definitely not handled as ‘online transactions’, and that’s why having the option disabled does not affect Google Pay payments.


Are you sure? Only because the virtualization of the card works with a number of offline tokens (for when the phone is offline) does not mean that the authorization works with an offline POS terminal.


Does Google Pay work for Visa yet or is it only MasterCard?
I’ve managed to add Revolut Metal to my virtual wallet.


I don’t think it works with Visa yet.


It doesn’t appear to. Which is a shame as i’d like an android pay virtual card. Here is to hoping!


That’s … interesting.
I can NOT add the Metal card to Google Pay ("…not supported yet") - my other Revolut Mastercards work fine.

VISA/Maestro doesn’t seem to be supported with GPay in general as of yet.

Now I don’t know why anyone would get the Metal card and then use it with Google Pay :wink: so I didn’t bother to mention that, but it’s another Revolut weirdness that I can’t get my card added but other’s can (despite that I seem to be able to add other cards to it, so it’s rolled out for me in general).


That’s really strange, I only really added it as a test.


Still waiting for the availability of the VISA in Czech.


VISA is available in Czech.