Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

Personally, I find Samsung Pay much more user-friendly.
If you compare Samsung watches with WearOS watches, then I think Samsung watches react much faster to the payment process.
Also because Samsung Pay is strongly integrated into Samsung smartphones, it makes sense to use Samsung Pay instead of Google Pay.
I am aware that Google Pay can be used generically on all Android devices. In my opinion, this is no reason not to support Samsung Pay.
Samsung devices are widely used and since Samsung Pay makes much more sense on Samsung devices, Samsung Pay should still be supported by Revolut as the effort to implement it is probably quite small.

@OliverCH, @Regalia, you can check the official Samsung description.

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Been using my :r: Mastercard (physical) with G-Pay since it was available in Switzerland.
Today, I payed with it in a Coop-Store; and the first time, I was asked in which currency I want to pay. DCC. (dammit). Well luckily, I’ve selected CHF in time, BUT:

Is there a Setting (now) that I can use to deactivate DCC? (Either in GPay or Revolut)

No setting available as the decision to offer DCC is taken by the aquirer. Coop had that problem since a long time with my physical MasterCard with UK bin. I’m not sure if I ever used GPay in Coop.


Not yet. I suggested the following solution:


They’re not even meant to offer DCC on mobile payments that aren’t over the contact limit as it defeats the point of contactless…

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…yet it happens…

Nice feature :parrot: