Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

@OliverCH, @Regalia, you can check the official Samsung description.

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Been using my :r: Mastercard (physical) with G-Pay since it was available in Switzerland.
Today, I payed with it in a Coop-Store; and the first time, I was asked in which currency I want to pay. DCC. (dammit). Well luckily, I’ve selected CHF in time, BUT:

Is there a Setting (now) that I can use to deactivate DCC? (Either in GPay or Revolut)

No setting available as the decision to offer DCC is taken by the aquirer. Coop had that problem since a long time with my physical MasterCard with UK bin. I’m not sure if I ever used GPay in Coop.


Not yet. I suggested the following solution:


They’re not even meant to offer DCC on mobile payments that aren’t over the contact limit as it defeats the point of contactless…

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…yet it happens…

Nice feature :parrot:

Any news about implementing GPay for all EEA (EU) cards as it was with Apple pay in June?
It would be great ad for Revolut in Europe countries without Google pay.

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+1 for full EEA/EU Google Pay support

At the moment a lot of people who want Google Pay from unsupported GPay countries makes fake address change to supported country (most offen UK), recreates a new virtual card and register it in Google Pay.

  1. What does Google want/request/expect to add support to some county? Except at least one bank/fintech operating officially at this country.

  2. What is the cost for this integration? Maybe small part of percentage from pos traders?

(As we know customer pays same price (cash or card) but trader pays % part to whole chain - Mastercard/Visa + bank + issuer ( bank processor) + Google/Samsung/Apple/Huawei/Garmin/Fitbit/etc. Pay + other? )

  1. Is Google wants same % like Apple?

Set up my account today - accepted everything & created successfully - or so i thought!,
I linked it to Google Pay and email, said everything was fine, but now have a message asking me to verify my email address again, as Incorrect Code was entered (prompts me to set-up Google Pay again!), so can’t even see Google Pay in full swing! I have Samsung Pay which is good but would have liked to try Google Pay!
Hey Revolut staff - help a new member out :wink:

If you shoot Revolut support a message they should be able to assist you via the in-app support

finally google pay works with my nokia 6.1. yesterday the update to android 10 was sucessfull and now google pay works with my virtual card. with android 9 it didn’t. :smiley:


Just a sidenote: you may as well create one with your PayPal account, If you are having one. :slight_smile:

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For some reason my Android watch ‘decided’ to remove all my cards from GooglePay, so I had to readd them.
Untill recently I never had any problems adding my German Revolut Virtual Visa to GooglePay for in-store payments, but now when I tried to add it to GooglePay for in-store payments I got the message this functionality is not available for this card. Anyone else having this issue?