Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

They certainly did for Apple Pay :face_with_head_bandage:

But not with Gpay…

They should fix that

It is actually google’s problem :grinning: not revolut’s one.

For all intents and purposes, I think it is safe to presume that Google has suitable agreements in place with every bank that supports Google Pay, which makes Google’s problems the bank’s ditto.

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Hi to all… Any feedback from Greek users please? A friend of mine has Revolut Virtual Mastercard and he can use it with Garmin & Apple Pay contactles payments… I can also add my new virtual visa to Google Pay but it says it cannot be used in physical stores… And also the Revolut states that one difference from physical card is that it CANNOT be used for physical trasactions (stores)… So can a Virtual Revolut card work with NFC or not?

It works perfectly in Bulgaria! :bulgaria:

I’ve been trying to register my new Visa card in Google Pay - and I can’t!
The issue is that a confirmation SMS is required to activate the card, but the SMS doesn’t arrive.
I do get a message saying that the ‘phone number in my account is not the same as the phone number in my phone’ (or words to that effect) - the difference is that the phone number is 0797*** in my phone, but it is +44797*** in the app - I don’t know if this is the issue with the SMS not arriving, but it’s the only explanation I can think of!
I’ve contacted the live support, but the advice was generic - log out of the app, restart your phone - and that didn’t help.
What’s the solution? I’d really like to use Revolut with GPay.

Confirmed, tried it today

unable to link my visa revolut card to google pay :frowning: I’m in Hungary


I connected my Revolut Visa with Google Pay but when I want to pay I receive message declined by issuer. Im from Croatia.

Do you mean payments or ATM withdrawal?
I’ve been to Croatia in July, and had problems with some ATM’s only

Define “very bad” since the only advantage before Google Pay is the MST.

Will Revolut come on GPay in Baltics as it was with Apple pay? :roll_eyes:

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Only a single launch in 2019 so far (Switzerland). Ridiculous! So I wouldn’t count on it!

MST is no longer an option…

Nice! So the only difference with Google Pay iis probably no more.

But I doubt @raemsey will answer what exactly is “very bad” in Google Pay according to his claim that makes him demand Samsung Pay.

Can someone enlighten me what MST means in terms of Samsung Pay? Can’t be MagSTripe…, is it?

I always assumed Samsung Pay uses NFC…

As far as I know Samsung is or was able to emulate magnetic stripes. Anyone can tell us more about that?

Personally, I find Samsung Pay much more user-friendly.
If you compare Samsung watches with WearOS watches, then I think Samsung watches react much faster to the payment process.
Also because Samsung Pay is strongly integrated into Samsung smartphones, it makes sense to use Samsung Pay instead of Google Pay.
I am aware that Google Pay can be used generically on all Android devices. In my opinion, this is no reason not to support Samsung Pay.
Samsung devices are widely used and since Samsung Pay makes much more sense on Samsung devices, Samsung Pay should still be supported by Revolut as the effort to implement it is probably quite small.