Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

If you use the first 8 digits in, what does it give you then?

The first 6 will not give me CH for my Maestro either, but with 8 it will.

It still only shows the UK as the BIN’s country. No sign of Slovenia anywhere…

to bad Samsung Pay is not working in Sweden.

wanted to add a map. but writes that she does not have contactless payment. and in the revolut app “google card authorization” is empty. but should remove 1 euro.

Just today, gpay accepted the virtual visa!!! Cyprus!

Did you do anything special with the virtual card beforehand(a payment or something) and did you have a physical card added in the google pay account?

As a side note to everyone else - Revolut has started issuing virtual visa cards with UK BINs. Theoretically they should be able to be added to Google Pay in unsupported countries, however I’ve failed so far.

What’s the country of your virtual Visa according to its BIN? Did you created it recently or it just started working? Because for some reason I can only create virtual Visa cards for a couple of days and people from Bulgaria claim that checking the BIN states UK. Before I could only create Mastercard (like my current one) which BIN states Bulgaria. Google Pay has no listed support for store purchases in Cyprus, nor in Bulgaria.

@cybersirius, people in my country using the method of changing their Revolut address to a Google Pay supported one claim that if they issue a virtual card with supported BIN this way but they return their address to the original one before validating the new card as a store purchase one in Google Pay, the latter refuse to accept it and they must again enter the false address in order to succeed. As if Google Pay is checking the current card holder address somehow.

I have been trying to use google pay since I got my metal card. First tried with a virtual card, now with my metal card. I can easily add my cards but every time I try a transaction it says declined. No more information why. In security settings everything is enabled except for ATMs. The revolut App has no trace on the transaction.
Any suggestions how to proceed?

Portugal: Physical VISA cards are now available in standard plan.
I order one today. Google pay don’t accept in-store payments. I’ll try again when I receive the card.
Revolut is still beta testing google pay?

New revolut alternatives are starting to appear in Portugal (I will not reference them here) that provide already apple pay and mbway and promise to deliver google pay in the next months. If they make it available first…

Google already registered in europe and portuguese central bank as Google payment Lithuania and all banks will have no restrictions to fintech conpanies after 14 september 2019.

Revolut is increasing their team in Portugal, so we ONLY really need Google pay in-store contactless payments.

The official launch in Switzerland for Google Pay was some month ago, so I don’t think it’s in beta anymore.

NB: Visa physical cards is now available in Switzerland as well as Standard card.

I’m from Portugal. Is it true that Moey will have Google Pay in the next months?

I’ve received the pyshical visa card in Portugal and confirm that it can’t be used for in-store payments with Google pay. Yes, I activated and revolut activated contactless payments.

great news, I wish I was able to register though…

Hey there, I’m also Greek (but still writing in English so that others can also understand).
I have a physical Revolut Mastercard and I am trying to add it to Google Pay with no success.
I keep getting a message that “this feature is not supported by my bank yet” and I can only make payments online but not pay contactless with Google Pay.
Did you enter a greek street address when adding the card to Google Pay, or a foreign one?

Old phone was fine with Revolut and Google Pay. New phone just will not work for contactless payment with same card :slightly_frowning_face: When I present it to the PINpad it rejects it with “Card type not supported.” Has anyone solved this it is driving me mad. Checked all the phone wallet settings and all that.

Try to go in NFC and Payments settings -> tap on the tree dots upper right corner “Default NFC method” and the tick have to be on “Auto Select”

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Hey, now that most of the new cards are Visas, has anyone tried to add one to Google pay in an unsupported County? Or the bin numbers the same for both mastercard and visa?

For both Apple and Google Pay they disabled cards using workarounds AFAIK, thankfully

I dont understand google at all. Why some countries not supported still (including Latvia). WTF, google ??? :-1:

Not really :sweat_smile: