Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

Just confirmed, Google Pay is working.

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Tried it in Czech Republic, but no success so far.

In Poland- without any problem (GPay). And I was surprised because it didn’t ask me about DCC and I withdrew PLN- Superb!
I’ve tried both- MasterCad and Visa- the same ATM’s behaviour

I managed to add VISA and VISA virtual to my Bulgarian account. This was not possible few days ago. I’m currently out of Bulgaria,but when I come back I will try to make an payment and will give feedback.

Anyone in Asia , Japan , used GPay to withdrawal ?

I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that there personally.

So the card that got declined to GPay a few days ago now went through?
Is it an old card or new? Maybe Rev is now working to bring it to the countries that Apple Pay is, well hopefully. I can use it but I am not fully confident with it. If it is official, then it would be another story.

Edit: By saying I am not confident I mean that maybe one day Revolut stops support for all Greek residents, even though it now works. Until the official Google Pay page says that they support Greece and Revolut is in the list, i suppose they can do it.

To clarify, I am paying with GPay for the last 5-6 months without a hitch. It’s magnificent.

I use GPAY with my physical Visa (old one with UK BIN) for more than month without problem in Bulgaria

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Well done, but I suppose that you had change your address in the app to UK one, because with bulgarian address was not possible.

No, when I order my card last year, they still ship them with UK BINs. You can change your address and make virtual cart with UK bin, but for now on Borica terminals, my virtual MasterCart doesn’t work

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GPay works in Portugal for Revolut Visa cards. When will Revolut MasterCard alow the same?


Did you try? In Switzerland and many other countries, MasterCard works just fine with GPay.

Yep. I did tried.
After adding the card, it gives a messege that I cannot use it in in-store payments.

I am a premium user and my MasterCards didn’t work last time I tried. Surprisingly :r: in collaboration with Hutchison Drei Austria handed out free cards that work with Google Pay. WT*?