Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


not residents… but cards having a supported country number (BIN).

also… if you add successfully a card it works!! virtual or not…



I successfully added money to my Revolut Account on 1 April with Google Pay (the initial 10€).

I have been trying for the past days to add money to my Revolut account via Google Pay again.
It tells me something went wrong and to try again.

Today, I approached the support chat about it. I was told that “the card linked to my Google Pay account cannot be accepted to top up (my) Revolut account at this moment” and that “our system is not accepting the card due to additional security measures”. I was advised to to change the card linked to my Google Pay account to the one I used previously.
The thing is: The first time I used Google Pay for Revolut, I had the exact same card (bank acc via PayPal) linked to my Google Pay account.

Has anyone here experienced something similar?

I have also been unable to find any info on additional security measures that were added between April 1 and now…

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