Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

not residents… but cards having a supported country number (BIN).

also… if you add successfully a card it works!! virtual or not…

I successfully added money to my Revolut Account on 1 April with Google Pay (the initial 10€).

I have been trying for the past days to add money to my Revolut account via Google Pay again.
It tells me something went wrong and to try again.

Today, I approached the support chat about it. I was told that “the card linked to my Google Pay account cannot be accepted to top up (my) Revolut account at this moment” and that “our system is not accepting the card due to additional security measures”. I was advised to to change the card linked to my Google Pay account to the one I used previously.
The thing is: The first time I used Google Pay for Revolut, I had the exact same card (bank acc via PayPal) linked to my Google Pay account.

Has anyone here experienced something similar?

I have also been unable to find any info on additional security measures that were added between April 1 and now…

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I have the exact same problem…
Initially topped up my revolut account with GPay and my linked PayPal account.
Also topped it up this way the second time.

After that it just stopped working and the app tells me “Something went wrong.” after choosing GPay.

It’s annoying. I still can top it up with my credit card flawlessly, but sometimes I’d prefer to use GPay / PayPal.

My friend who just opened his Revolut account yesterday was also able to top it up via GPay / PayPal…

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Can your friend send a second top up via GPay?

Yes, he topped up his account with another 50€ via GPay using PayPal…
Really strange!
I was also able to use it for the first two top ups. Then it stopped working the exact way you described it. The support didn’t really understand my issue with that.

Sweet. Just wish I could get verified to take advantage of this lol

Does he use Paypal with a credit card or has he his bank account linked to it? In my case, it’s the latter.
That’s the last thing I can imagine bothering Revolut, but I am not even sure they can see this on the payment records…

He linked his bank account with PayPal, so did I, as our bank doesn’t support GPay at the moment.
PayPal then creates a virtual Mastercard.
It’s the only and official way to use GPay in Germany, when your bank’s credit card doesn’t support it.

So it definitely works in the beginning and stops working without any visible reason.

It’s quite interesting, as you might have read in the “Swiss Android Pay” thread, it now shows me the “Android Pay” app on my HTC U12+. My Google account is registered to my Swiss address and has a Swiss phone number assigned to it.

I could successfully add my physical MC (issued end 2017 with UK BIN) to “Android Pay” and activate it on the Phone. I got a push from Revolut that I am now able to pay with GPay and I got a mail from Google with the same information.

I’m curious to see if I really can use it to pay at a POS now with it.

It looks like it should not have been enabled officially yet, as I don’t get an update from Android Pay to Google Pay in the Google Play store, which is what should happen, to my understanding.

I was using it on Saturday to pay CHF 117 in a Bauhaus near Zurich successfully. I hope the functionality will stay like this. And best of all, no pin to enter, no DCC questions, a smooth process.

The sad thing, the Android Pay App only appeared on my smartphone and not on my Google Wear watch. The watch would support it in theory, as it does in other countries.

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It looks like I was an “early adopter”, GPay is now officially available in Switzerland:
It’s official now:

And I got the update to GPay offered in the Play Store this morning, installation worked without problems.

Hi there, is there anyone here using revolut with G Pay in Croatia, I’ve manage to connect my virtual master card with G Pay, but whenever I try to pay with my mobile, it’s not working…any idea?

I’ve been using GPay in Croatia last year (in the summer). Everything’s been working smoothly.

According to Revolut, this is not supported:
Quote: You can only add physical cards to Google Pay.

Revolut is spewing bollocks then, as I’ve had a virtual MasterCard enabled for contactless payments!


But it is supported !

Hi Guys,
what about adding VIRTUAL card to GooglePay and paying using NFC amount which normally requires providing PIN? I checked today to pay small amount and it works but what in case I want to pay bigger amount? As far as I know there is no PIN generated for virtual Revolut card. You just request to create virtual card and that’s all.

Revolut is notoriously slow in updating FAQs.

Virtual cards were Visa for a while, they changed just recently back to Mastercard. Since then, tokenization for virtual cards works as well.

In my case, pos terminal never ask for pin, I need to unlock my phone only and pay.

It’s not reliable, though.

It varies from country to country and depends on terminal configuration how this is implemented. Mobile payment providers (like Apple for example) usually mention on their support pages that it is possible that the merchant might ask for further authorization like PIN or even a signature in rare cases.