Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


you just need to get a blank revolut MC or order a MC in the app (if possible) which all MC cards from revolut you are also able to use GPay in Austria.

I’ve now realized that my next physical card in the order menu will be a MC - which i will order now. Last year i started with Visa Physical/Virtial in Austria - so it seems to change from time to time.
Again only MC’s from revolut are able to be used with Gpay…


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Does GooglePay work in shops also in the Netherlands? (with NFC)

I’m from Switzerland and GooglePay isn’t officially supported either, so just wondering if it’s worth the hassle to open and fund a DiPocket account.


Yes, it does work with DiPocket!


I haven’t found any single place (anywhere) where contactless payments are acceptable but Google Play/ Apple Pay


where do you live?
i was able to use Gpay with DiPocket until Revoult enable that option on their cards
(at least is the first time i am able to use Gpay in Cyprus(which this country is listed as unsupported from gpay)


You can pay everywhere with Gpay - it does not need to be named explicitly. As long as Visa/Mastercard is supported and you see that wireless sign you can pay with Gpay if you have everything setup correctly.

I have found a single place where it did not work so far…so very high acceptance. (Revolut MC in my case)


How is Google Pay working compared to Apple Pay; Do you’ve to enter your card pin when paying more than a certain ammount or will the terminal pick up that you’ve authenticated with your touchID (on Android) and skip the pin stage? What have been your experience?


Google Pay also supports on device authentication. But it’s not just the system design. In different countries, with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, you might run into a terminal that is configured in a way that it asks for additional 2FA (PIN, or even signature). You can find country specific informations about this on Apple’s website.

The main difference between Google and Apple is more general. Apple handles all the crypto stuff on device, Goolge uses Host Card Emulation (HCE) instead of a secure element on the phone as a cloud service. That’s the reason why Apple Pay is limited to devices that have this on board chip while Google designed a system that works independently from the phone hardware.


Standard UK Account users: has anyone successfully added a virtual MasterCard to GPay and paid (1) online or (2) via NFC?


afaik only physical MC cards are being supported to be added to GPay. Not the virtual ones. There have been reports that also not all MC cards have been working with GPay, but this seems to be a geographical limitation.
As you are in UK you should not have any problem in adding a physical MC to your Gpay account.

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I’m on a Standard UK Account with a physical Visa card. I manually entered the Virtual Mastercard data to Google Pay, it works a treat using NFC. Not tried online.


Not only physical but virtual MCs work with NFC payments too.

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Virtual Mastercard can be added to Google Pay, in-store NFC payment also works without any issues.

I also successfully added my Revolut Maestro to Google Pay, but didn’t test it yet.

Just waiting for Visa support :slight_smile: :credit_card:



The most important question is where are you from? Because for now only residents of country that officially support GPay can add revolut cards

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So, I still kept my first premium mastercard with UK BIN just for google Pay. Now I have no Visa left as I had to delete it to get the Metal card… :confused:

3 mastercards. Physically the old one is not really working anymore (chip failure, heavy usage) but I kept it for Google Pay. and the other two are with romanian BIN (premium silver and Metal)


If you delete one of your MCs then support can link that deleted Visa card back to your account.


Interesting thing with my virtual VISA today — I receive a ToC page when I enable NFC payments in Google Pay. Before it would just fail straight away. But today I got the Terms of Conditions. Then, “contacting your bank” … then an error message “Please double-check your card details”. Perhaps VISA on Google Pay is on its way?


My Visa has that same behavior for 2 months already or more.

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I mean, I still have hope :eyes:
It’s almost begging to be activated, but unfortunately fails after agreeing to the terms… :crying_cat_face:

(first one is physical VISA, second one virtual)


I can’t even add virtual visa. It says something went wrong

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