Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


This is forbidden to differentiate the costs (fee) depending on payment method (AFAIK in whole EU, for sure in Poland :slight_smile: ) So if using cash is free, using card should be free too. It doesn’t matter what kind of card you are using (plastic, virtual, etc.)


On the consumer side you are probably right. I guess the comment was more toward the fees the merchant pays for the transaction.


Merchant fees aren’t different with Google Pay / Apple Pay. Apple gets a share from the interchange fees, that is the portion of the merchant fees that goes to the card issuer / bank. Google does not dip in. All they want is your data. :wink:


AFAIK there is no extra fee because of GPay payment


Something strange, it’s the first time it shows option to set up nfc payment for revo visa. But finally it doesn’t work


Not in the EU AFAIK. They charge for adding your card to Apple Pay, as opposed to taking money from interchange (due to the 0.2% cap!)

It’s shown that for me for ages, yeah it won’t work. :frowning:


All media reports I am aware of assume that Apple does indeed get a cut, also in Europe. This was reported when Apple Pay started in the UK, in Switzerland and in Germany.


Hi all!

I came to Revolut Bank because i saw that a lot of austrian people have gpay working.
All is working perfect and i love it.

But now its frustrating because it´s not working.
Isn´t there a workaround or something?

I don´t wanna go further to the next bank but the NO.1 reason was gpay :frowning:


It’s not officially activated for all customers. There is no simple rule like “do this and it will work”.



[ROMANIA] I have a virtual master card. When i try to add it to google pay, it says that the bank is not supported.

Do you know a fix for this?



Please check this link:
Try again in a year or two. Google and Apple suck.


Did you ever try Curve for this? I added virtual cards to Curve and added Curve to Google Pay. Hope this can help a bit.


If a country’s banks don’t want to bring google pay or apple pay they will never come.


How did you add Curve to Google Pay? I thought they don’t have support for Google Pay.


Curve can not be added to GooglePay!! I added it, but no payments are allowed.


You have to use Gpay app Android. I do not know if it works with Apple pay.

Maybe it depends as well on the country you live in. I come from Germany.


@samanthacatania check out this post


Are you able to pay in phisical shops contacless using your Curve card?
If so- could you please take a screenshot from your GPay app showing Curve card?
This is how it looks like when I am adding Curve card to GPay


You shouldn’t be able to AFAIK


My knowledge is similar, but I hoped that something got changed when I’ve read @frankblaeser post.