Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


It’s a MasterCard. If it was Visa I already knew it wasn’t gonna work anyway.


What country are you from? What BIN did you get? 5273 4616?


I got 4635. I think it’s just random again and it’s not available to anyone. Anyway i can’t use Revolut as my main bank because we can’t even top-up from Greek cards. DiPocket i use now is the way for me. It’s a shame because i like Revolut’s features like analytics, very very very fast application (like faster than any of my banking apps) and spare change. If you know something about BIN codes, let me know. I am down to delete and recreate virtual cards until i get 4616 and then try to add it to GPay.


Have Greece not removed capital controls yet?


Correct. There are of course defining factors for whom it could potentially work, but falling into that group does not guarantee that it is actually available.


I don’t think you will get 4616. You will probably always get 4635 or maybe 4636 in a while. I have on all my new cards 4616.


@luplcz So is 4635 my country code or what? Why would a prepaid-debit-credit card have nationality I don’t get.

@Recchan It’s off topic but I will answer anyway. There are still some restrictions for non-domestic transactions, my bank didn’t admit it when I called about Revolut specifically though. Also get this, if I transfer money to my revolut iban, i pay a 1-2 euro fee to my bank :smile: + it takes 1-3 business days for it to leave GR. When I sent from revolut to my N26, it took less than 12 hours and no fee!


That is simple market protection still played by many companies, despite a single market. That single market in Europe still has very big walls and exceptions to get rid of.


Account ranges can have many pros and cons. A benefit for example is that a card for a customer in a EUR country is no longer being recognized as a GBP card. This is imoportant for customers in countries where DCC is a big nuisance and makes it way easier to use the card on a daily basis.


It probably works because you are from Czech Republic and Google Pay is supported there. Revolut is probably blocking by country.


Ranges to drive settings on a card are, software design engineer speaking, a bad idea. Save the information of desired currency on the card and the problem of outdated lists would be solved as well. Better even would be an online setting, that can be changed if desired.


Bah, I can only get VISA (physical and virtual).
Cannot get MC at all :frowning:

Really reallly sad since i’ve been waiting for GPay for a very long time.


Having a MC is no guarantee that Gpay will work.


This is probably because of lack Greece on this list:


I was getting this option for a long time but now i can get MC cards. I got a new virtual MC card.


Does it cost to use Google Pay for transactions? And would the merchant know which card provider you’d use or does it just show as a google generated payment to them?


Answer for the first question: No, it is fee


Fees related to transactions are mostly identical to the card that is used with Gpay. So with Revolut it’s free, unless you exceed the monthly FX limit, for example.


Thanks, tried to add my VISA physical card but no joy, luckily it accepted the virtual mastercard one and I’ve been able to use it in a couple of shops today.

Hopefully be able to use google pay in the pub as when I tried the VISA card in a couple of local pubs it came up “not Supported”.


I am from Cyprus as well i tried other banking apps like .boon and i wasn’t able t top up money now i got revolut mc and still i am not able to add it Google pay …
My card bin is 4613 but no luck getting it work
(I dont want to use banking apps because they are half working ) so far revolut is the best especially their app