Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Does DiPocket and Boon work in countries where Google Pay is not supported? I live in Portugal so I’m very interested in those.


Yes! I just created a DiPocket account and I already tested it out with Google Pay. It worked flawlessly and it’s free compared to Boon.


In the Netherlands GooglePay is not officially supported, but DiPocket works over here.


What about Boon? In my case I can’t install it because it says it’s not supported in my country.


I live in Greece and Revolut works just fine with Google Pay.


I don’t understand why this beta phase is taking so long… I’m still not able to use my Mastercard or my Visa with Google Pay.


Probably if you have an old card with UK as country code.


It’s really sad that Google Pay work only with MasterCard, I have a Visa :angry:
I used my N26 card for the moment.
Revolut have to be more agile if they want to gain customers.


It does not work with MC. I just got a premium MC and it does not work. At least here in Slovenia. The old MC cards do work though. And it’s driving me crazy. :slight_smile: I have friends with the old MC cards and they can use them just fine with GPay. I’m stuck in limbo. The only other option I have for a mobile wallet is a nightmare and does not support WearOS.

I contacted support if they could somehow add me to the beta program but the answer was that they are not accepting any new testers at the moment.

If any one from Revolut is reading this: If there is ANY option to add me to the beta program that would be so great. I am willing to go Metal if needed.


I’ve just added my tiny shiny premium card to GPay without any problem (exactly the same like in case the older one- issued in June 2018, and basic card issued in September 2017).


:clap::clap::clap: I still cannot use G-Pay. This is a farce. Maybe my local bank is quicker with their own solution.


You can now use new Mastercards VIRTUAL cards for Google Pay.


I just made a new virtual MasterCard and tried to link it to Google Pay. I had no success. Did you have to wait for the notification or the notification came after the linking?


Those screenshots confuse me. Two of them look like from an iOS device and one from an Android device.

Is Google Pay available on iOS? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :no_mouth:


It isn’t available on iOS. The notification of adding it to Google Pay came up on iOS though, as it should.


Of course it’s not available on iOS. But I have 2 phones so.


I think it came after. How could you have no success? I tried now with newly created Virtual MC and still works.


It’s not rolled out to everyone yet.


I will try with another one… :roll_eyes:

Edit: new one still not working


And is your new one Mastercard and not VISA?