Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Apparently you don’t need the physical card (or use it once / activate it) to use the virtual card in Google Pay. All I had to do, was enable Contactless in security, then it works!

I haven’t received my physical card yet, but have made several payments in different stores.

But I’m having issues with the top-up limit - the Revolut app doesn’t want to tell me what it is, and apparently there’s a daily limit. That might be a problem for me, since I can’t make a bank transfer to the account (my netbanking / mobile bank apps do not allow for SWIFT/IBAN codes), so the only way for me to top-up the card is by using the top-up button…

I do have to unlock my phone (using fingerprint), before paying with Google Pay - but I guess it’s how it works :slight_smile:


Oh! I didn’t know that. Sorry for being rude about it. That must be really convenient for the consumer, but for the businesses that can be cash-only it might be annoying because they will get a small fee.


I tried using google pay today with my revolut card contactless off. It would not allow it so the security seems to work just fine!

Right now in Gpay it says the card has been turned of, contact issuer and as soon as i changed the setting in revolut the card came back to normal in Gpay again.


Thanks @Swede, but that doesn’t work fine at all. Most of the time, one would want to:

  • Disable unauthenticated contactless (physical card), because it is not secure.
  • Enable authenticated contactless (Google Pay or Apple Pay), because it is secure.

Google Pay and Apple Pay should not be affected by security settings, because they are as secure as Chip & PIN, and in the case of a fingerprint, more secure. Revolut have implemented this incorrectly, taking “contactless” too literally.


The thing is that you can pay using Google Pay for small amounts without unlocking your phone, so it’s comparable to using a contactless card.


Thanks @pepe2124 - very good point. With an iPhone, you can’t; you need a fingerprint for every transaction, which doesn’t require unlocking your iPhone. So maybe this will be implemented differently for Apple Pay.


I suspect that could confuse users?

Turn contactless off really means off, at least that is how i expected it to work.

With Gpay/Apay the point I thought was being able to leave the physical card safely at home - then current behavior seems the most logic to me.


The use case for disabling unauthenticated contactless (physical card) is to prevent an unauthorised user from spending on the card. What is the use case for disabling authenticated contactless? Is there a use case for this any more than disabling chip & PIN transactions (which can’t be specifically disabled)? The most common requirement is for a user to disable unauthenticated contactless but to enable authenticated contactless.


Preventing contactless means enforcing chip and pin to my knowledge?

I think it would get extremly confusing to people if disabling contactless does not do what it says it does?


Contactless and chip & PIN are separate and independent payment methods.

Not at all. It needs to be renamed as “unauthenticated contactless”, i.e. physical cards and Google Pay without unlocking the phone. There is never a scenario where a user would need to disable authenticated contactless without disabling the card entirely.


Imho this gets way to technical for the average user - there might be an extra option in the :r: app in the future where Google pay/ Apple pay could bypass disabling contactless.

We have to keep in mind that the wast majority use cards and to most of them things like freezing card, location based security and ability to disable contactless is very new.

Here in Sweden the adoption of contactless has been extremly slow and normal banks have not jumped on the band waggon yet we are probably the least cash based country in the world…


First time post…

I tried to add my “Virtual” card to Google Pay but it did not work. Also in the Revolut app there is no security option to enable contactless payments for this card.

I then ordered a physical standard card and was able to add it to Google Pay however it cannot be used for contactless payments until I withdraw cash with the physical card (will take about 3 weeks to arrive), once done then I can use the Google Pay fully.

So…The “Card security” options are only in the physical cards and not the virtual ones, hope this help guys.


Not necessarily. The existing option labelled “Contactless payments” simply needs to be renamed to “Unauthenticated contactless”, and it should affect only the non-secure method of contactless that requires no fingerprint or PIN, i.e. Google Pay without unlocking the phone and the physical card. Applying this layer of security to authenticated contactless is undesirable and unnecessary, given that authenticated contactless has robust enough security already.


I think we shall have to agree to disagree on this one :nerd_face:


You don’t have to do that. You can just pay using a chip and PIN and then you will be able to pay contectless next time.


Interesting things happening in Poland. Now we are able to withdraw cash from some contactless ATMs via Google Pay. Maybe tomorrow I will check if it is possible with :r:

I was able to use :r: google pay for ATM, but I need to cancel transaction because of fee in Euronet machine :frowning:


. Got my new card (Visa)
. Enabled wireless transactions in the revolut app
. Added card in Google Pay

Get ”this card can’t be set up to pay in stores" message


In Poland only Mastercard is accepted.


Revolut and GPay UK

What we know so far (November 2018):
During the beta release, Google Pay will only be available to selected users.
You can only add physical cards to Google Pay.
Google lists Revolut Mastercard as supported: Revolut Visa as unsupported.
The adverb ‘soon’ is an unsatisfactory timeline illustration.
Revolut is awesome

What we don’t know:
When the Revolut beta period will end and GPay will be available to all users.
If and when Revolut Visa cards will be supported.
If there are no plans to support Visa, how Visa users can obtain a MasterCard.

What would please us:
A satisfactory conclusion to Brexit
Some clearly stated answers to what we don’t yet know about Revolut and GPay UK
World peace


In my opinion: this is the second strikes for Revolut. No queque list for GPay. N26 offers it to anyone. I’m really not happy