Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

When will Google Pay become available for Revolut users in Germany? Anybody knows?


Hi all I’m from Germany.
I can confirm it! Tested at night directly after the update to add my MasterCard (Standard version) without luck.

Today after i saw your messages i tested it again and it worked :slight_smile: I could add it!

My MasterCard BIN: 527346
Revolut App Version: 5.16
Google Pay Version: 2.74.212360432

best regards from Germany :slight_smile:




Also those who have a Maestro Card should try if they could add them my BIN which worked : 679835

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I wonder why the hell Visas are taking so long. Google Pay’s pages are listing Mastercard Revolut cards supported and Revolut Visas as unsupported.

I’m very sure they just started with mastercard duo the higher acceptance and you shouldn’t expect visa being available until they are out of (mastercard) beta.

Just ordered a new MC and still can’t add it to Google Pay :confused: the bin is 527346, which according to some users around here, should work.

Depends if you are a selected one. Or did you manage to add your another MC?

I have the same bin of my MC. Same revolut and gpay… no success. Probably beta tester group is broadening by Revolut.

Am I correct in thinking the standard Revolut VISA card doesn’t work with Google Pay? (I’m in Spain)

I also ordered an MC a few weeks ago. My bin is 541348, so as for others it works, it should work for me as well, I suppose… but it doesn’t. I think this whole GooglePay stuff is not depending on the bins etc, it’s rather depending on who is randomly added to the beta group. I had a nice chat with the support, they insist that they do not have any control over the fact that who is selected as a GPay beta tester or who is not, and if somebody is not selected, then that exact user has to wait till GPay feature is released to the whole community. If we read a couple comments above, then we see that for some of us, it was not working, then suddenly started to work, but at the same time others with the same details are still unable to use Gpay feature.
My conclusion is, everybody should just pray to be randomly selected soon, to become a GPay Beta tester :smiley: And guys, please don’t activate Metal and premium MC in the hope to be able to use GPay.

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Revolut VISA is not working in Germany and as far as I know Revolut VISA is working nowhere.

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Revolut visa is not supported at all for GPay because Visa cards are issued by Revolut and not via 3rd Party.
MasterCards were issued via 3rd party so it was easy to get approval from GPay and provide support.
For Visa cards Revolut will have to pass Google’s approval criteria which can take time.

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aren’t the new Mastercards as well? I’ve seen people with Revolut Metal cards in GPay.

Yep, was able to add metal card which is issued by revolut

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Is there any official statement from the company about upcoming Google Pay support for Visa cards? That would be great to know if it is coming, at least.


The official statement would be (Twitter) that they’re working on making all cards, also Visa cards, available for Google Pay. No ETA.

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Google Pay working in Czech Republic with Mastercard. Tested.

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Google Pay contactless payments work in Germany with PayPal now, my need for having Revolut Visa supported is almost gone now (except for some rare non-Euro payments).

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May I join to beta tester?
I would like pay in lots of place in Hungary.
I think, this pay will be perfect, if we can use in many places, lots of people will begin to use this online bank. Present service very slow while paying or can’t use it or hardly.
I would like to testing this pay opportunity, that here we or tourist can use it nicely. And I make feedback where I could or couldn’t.
Thank you