Revolut - Not worth it


First - I wasn’t allowed to load more than £250 to my account, when I wanted to make a purchase of more than $1000. Result - Revolut = Fail

Second, I travel to Germany and enthusiastically carry my Revolut card with me. Topped it up twice and used it to make some small purchases but when I needed the card the most (and seriously this was embarrassing that the card stopped working), it just wouldn’t work. The app says my identity has to be verified. Fine, but that doesn’t work either. It says there is a problem and a “Live Agent” will contact me within 24 hours! Seriously, 24 hours when you’re on a holiday to another country! Your Live Agent still hasn’t showed up and I’ve ended up using my normal bank card, which of course charged me more! Result - Revolut = Fail.

Once you activate my account, I’ll transfer my money back and throw your card in the bin! Thanks but no thanks!


Erm, this is all explained in the T&Cs and also well explained by fellow users in this forum. Yes you need to complete ID checks before full functionality. And as has been advised several times in this forum, all this is better completed before travel, to allow time for this to be processed and allow full use of the card. A little bit of pre-planning saves a lot of needless hassle.


In previous year i was traveling to Croatia (through Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia). I was paying for petrol, toll both, ferry, food, in restaurants, I have withdrew the cash, etc. everything without even single problem… My friends spent some time (and money :slight_smile: ) in France, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Spain, UK, Hungary, Greece, Australia and many more… Problem appeared on unmaned gas stations only (in Italy- offline transaction) But maybe we are all lucky… :slight_smile:


I have to agree with Doppjunat. Some of the problems you had could be possibly attributed to Revolut, the fact that you had an unverified account though did not help and that cannot be attributed to them.


I really don’t know if going through multiple threads on a forum before I start using a product is the answer to my problem. As far as identity checks go, I have no issues doing them. I was asked for identity documents and to verify through my bank account which I did before my trip. Remember the card stopped working AFTER I had used it a few times already. Suddenly Revolut wakes up to do more identity checks after I’ve made transactions! I’d be sure to read each and every t&c of every clickwrap agreement - if that’s what you guys do!


Are you saying that you already had a verified account and the system asked you to verify it once more or it wanted a verification for funds or a payment source?


your feedback is pretty much not worth it…
its noones fault that you didnt read the steps to verify first in order to incrase your limits… and when you point a problem with this verification problem nobody here will help you if you dont
provide any details and you didnt… so…


When I first downloaded the app and linked a card, I was asked to upload my identity documents and documents evidencing source of funds. Before I could upload, the app said my identity has been verified by using my debit card. The limit was still £250 (as I pointed out in my initial message) after that.

In Germany I used the card for various transactions, usually in big departmental stores. The first time I tried to withdraw money using the Revolut card, I thought I’ll keep it small and withdraw €50. Didn’t work and the ATM machine said my card is invalid. Tried again, double checking that the pin I entered was correct, tried with €100 this time. Same message. Tried the card in store to pay around €22, card was declined. Went to the app, said my account was locked, and was told I will be contacted by a ‘live agent’. Still waiting for that, and still waiting to get hold of my own money.

Any wisdom you guys have to share?


I am afraid only Revolut will be able to clarify what happened here … @AndreasK

You seem to be from the UK and there it seems to be (partially) possible to identify yourself with a debit card ( That might have been the case in your case but it is difficult to say with certainty, as the verification usually involves a passport or ID.

When you say you will be contacted by an agent, did you actually type “live agent”? Only that would queue you up for an actual support agent. But again, at this point only Revolut will be able to provide more information on your account.


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. However, for newly added cards, most of our users will have a top-up limit between £1000-£3000 (or currency equivalent) per 24 hours. Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however, your daily top-up limits will increase over time. We suggest:

Try and top-up your desired amount. If the amount is over your top-up allowance, you will receive a pop up message notifying you of the daily limit for that card and how much you can top-up today. If you wish to top-up more than your daily limit, you can use another debit or credit card, alternatively top-up via bank transfer. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.

This information is on our FAQs.

Regarding your card, as I can see your account is currently locked for security reasons, therefore your card is locked too. An agent will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible to help you unlock your account.


My wife’s daily topup limit is 500 PLN (about 100 GBP) :joy::rofl:


This is what I was referring to.

So the limit is per card and not per account? Are there limits for bank transfers (except for the yearly limit)?


As so often :wink:

The main question was his account actually verified (through the debit card) or not. If it wasnt, why not? If it was, why is it not any longer? Both questions are for Revolut.


KYC is an ongoing process.


Identification is a one-time thing, validation of funds is a different issue.


Hi guys, just to update - my account was unlocked some time back by Revolut by a support agent declaring that my account is “fully operational now”. When I asked the reason why it was locked in the first place, the answer was that it was for “routine security checks” and that “we can block access to your account temporarily or permanently whenever we believe is necessary”. I asked why they can’t give me a notice before locking it - no response!

Yes, I am UK based and have bank accounts in UK, one of which I used to top up my Revolut account. Revolut volunteered to verify my identity as well as source of funds from my bank account (using my debit card details), despite the fact that I was ready to upload my bank statements and payslips etc.

Having your account stop working mid-way for “routine security checks” was frustrating and quite embarrassing in the situation that I was. Hope Revolut works better for you guys. As for me, I’m not sure if its meant for me!


Some UK users won’t need to verify their identity, as we’ll do it electronically behind the scenes. UK users should try and top-up their Revolut account with a debit card first.


But was @Nikhil1 one of them or not :wink:


Why only some of the UK users? What are the selection criterias? I think it would be good for your UK based users to know it.


Probably has to do with the credit scoring mechanism via Experian and Equifax.

If you have a pre-existing credit history (e.g. Credit cards, loans, mortgages, …), then it’ll probably be possible to utilise that as part of the KYC process.