Revolut not working for Thailand Bangkok Bank


I’ve found Revolut to have a very confusing UI. I much prefer using TransferWise.

Anyway, I’m trying to pay some THB into my Bangkok Bank account and bank account numbers in Thailand have the format


I’ve tried that and the digits without the hyphens XXXXXXXXXX

Whatever I try I get “Account number is in invalid format”

At the moment Revolut is a waste of time for me but I’m hoping it’ll work for US and UK banks.



I made a transfer to an account of this bank in Thailand and everything went well. I also removed the dashes from the account number. :wink:


I had removed the dashes as well and it still didn’t work.

I tried again and it worked! I think there was a momentary bug in the system that’s been sorted out now.

Thank you, Lisandru