Revolut not very chatty today

Has anybody managed to talk to support today?

Requesting an operator does seem to work as it displays the usual “provide more details” response, however it does not show the usual “x days until we get back to you” message. Furthermore, so far I have been waiting for four hours for a response.

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I have talked to the support today but I didn’t get that message “until we get back to you” either.

Thanks, how long did it take in your case? You are not on a premium plan, are you?

I’m on METAL (beta) plan and it took me just a 4 minutes today.
I have also talked to them on last Thursday and it took just 1 minute. On that Thursday I’ve also got a message saying “A live agent will be with you in roughly 3 min.”…

Well, that could potentially make all the difference :wink:

Alright, so they are still around, just exlusively for paying customers today it seems :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the info in any case @luplcz

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There do seem to be even more than the usual number of ‘Support is non existent’ posts today.
I have not had issues in the past and really hope I never do. I don’t give a monkeys about Metal cards - would just like a reasonable level of support.

Why do Revolut continue to do this to themselves?


Thats good old Revolut business :wink:

No idea, whats going on today, but support is apparently available (as luplcz pointed out), it also seems to recognise “live agent”, but it neither shows an ETA nor connects you ton one. I never had to wait that long yet …

Had a nice talk with chat for 8 hours or so the first time (excluding wait which was 1 minute) and then a 5 minute one.

No wonder nobody else got a turn :grin:


Haha. Well it is not by choice really :slight_smile:

Well, you are a paying customer as well :wink:

I have been waiting now for close to ten hours.

Resolved. Well, not really but I lost interest :man_shrugging:.

Interestingly, though, the chat seems to work again. Another “live agent” told me straight away I’d have to wait a couple of hours. Well, that got “resolved” quickly too :wink:

Surprise, once again it does not mention an ETA :wink:

Well, attempt #2 today.

Attemp #2 failed. Maybe attempt #3 ;), this time I got an ETA again.

Funny, maybe it is you app or something. I have been through today, took approx. 3 minutes.

I highly doubt it is the application :wink:

And keep in mind, you are a paying customer, so I am not surprised it only takes minutes for you (at least this Revolut seems to have got a hold of).

True I am paying. But currently they aren’t delivering what I paid for.

What do you need help with?

My metal card is apparently stuck somewhere in the process after being printed on the 15th :confused: and they don’t have any updates yet.

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Well, at least support seems to work :wink:

Nothing of utter importance :). Just wanted a clarification (which support would probably once again contradict a few days later anyhow :wink: ).