Revolut not verifying my transfer


5 days ago I have done a SEPA transfer to my revolut account. I accedentaly put a wrong sum into a transfer exceeding a limit of 15.000 EUR. Now it is a 5th day after a transfer and my money are not transferred back to me neither in my revolut account.
At first support agents said they are working on it, however, over past 2 days they aren’t even connecting to the chat despite the fact I am a premium user!! I am very dissapointed nobody contacts me with information about this issue!
What do you recomend me to do?

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Hi, a in exactly the same position. My support chat is not being answered.

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Hey there @Ernestas1 and @simontelfer :slight_smile:

Revolut is receiving a high number of requests and it seems there’s a big backlog with support queries :frowning:

You can find alternative contact methods here:

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awesome, many thanks for the tips … i quite understand the problems they have but for the premium service they simply ignore the messages… a simply, sorry we are busy would be great and stop the worrying.


Hey @simontelfer :slight_smile:

Not trying to excuse or justify :r:‘s obvious inability to timely cope with their users’ support requests, but there’s usually a helpful robot that will tell you this, the remaining time and point you to a self-service answer if possible. However, it seems that even that stopped answering for many users :frowning:

@AndreasK, can you help? :sunny:


again, thanks for the answers… i’m feeling less concerned although my daughters 16th birthday trip away hangs on a thread…

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Hey @simontelfer :slight_smile:

Just give :r: some time or reach them through social media and you (hopefully) should get your account unblocked soon :pray:

Hope she has a nice trip :flight_departure:

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I’ve replied to your DM on FB.


Everything is solved now. Thank you. In the future please do your best to solve such kind of issues faster or at least give an update what’s going on.