Revolut not returning my refund

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Hi Everyone, new to Revolut community and hoping for a little help.

I had a pre-authorised deposit for a vehicle hire on my card. The vehicle was returned all ok. The pre-authorisation is still showing as pending. I was told by the hire company it should be returned in a few days. Its now almost two weeks later.

Is it common for it take as long as this for a pending transaction to be canceled and funds released?

It should be released automatically after 15 days in pending or so.

Go into the help center of the app. Then press the transaction in the section “Get help with a transaction”. After selecting the specific pending payment, press “Why is my card payment still pending” in the list “Select and issue”.

It then provides a specific date where the pending transaction reverts.


Thank you, that was very helpful. I didn’t know that function existed. :+1:t3: