Revolut not returning my refund

Anyone else having an issue with refunds onto their revolut cards? I got a refund on Friday 21st, still not arrived and Revolut said they are having issues and to contact them again in two days.

Anyone else having issues?


So just an update as I know people are interested. Card refund payment was not processed so I chased last Thursday. I was told to come back yesterday for an update however there was not one. Came back today and there is still no update.

I have been chasing this for four working days now and still nothing. The most frustrating element is the lack of information. All I get is vague statements. My wages are paid into Revolut and I use them for daily banking but this type of thing is putting me off them.

Is it a Refund coming back from an PayPal transaction? I know that I waited quite a while for that one.

No. Just a regular instore transaction.

There is an issue with my account that’s been sent to the tech team for a number of days now but they haven’t got back to customer service. Whole experience is incredibly poor.

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I checked back through my account and see that the last refund I had took 10 days. It was small so I didn’t even bother to check.

My refund was processed almost two weeks ago.

So Revolut have informed me that my refund is being reviewed and they need to contact external bodies. How on earth can a bank take 13 days (so far) to refund me my purchase?

I get my wages paid into Revolut and I really am thinking of switching.

This gets weirder. So Revolut now claiming that “my case is involving a dispute with the merchant so the refund does not depend from Revolut only”.

This is so bizarre. There is no dispute, I have a receipt from Topman with the refund on it?

Anyone heard of anything like this before?

What exactly did happen? Maybe you could share the whole story.

That is the whole story.

I had a transaction refunded onto my card. No sign of it a week later so chased it up. I was informed there was a technical issue with my account and the issue was with the tech dept. the issue was with my account only and they wanted to get it sorted.

Chased up again a couple of days later as advised and told technical but now with external partners.

Chased again the next day and was told because it’s a dispute with the merchant that it takes time. There is no dispute with the merchant. I have got the Refund receipt in my hand from the merchant. The suggestion that it’s a dispute is the first time I have heard of it.

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No I mean how you where refunded. You gave something back?

I returned a product.

Anyway update from Revolut ten mins ago. They see the transaction occurred but it has not reached them and their IT team are trying to figure out why.

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Still no update. Just that it is with a tech team. Two weeks Revolut have had my money and I’ll get is constant messages being fobbed off.

It’s a disgraceful way to treat a customer who has been with you for years and have their wages paid into the account. Is there any Revolut employee on here who can shed some light?

@AndreasK Who do I speak to from Revolut on here?

Nobody. Revolut staff abandoned this forum more or less.
To file a complaint see another of my posts:

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Thanks for your help. How pathetic that they’ve abandoned this forum.

@AndreasK Revolut are pathetic

Have you changed your salary arrangements yet?

Set up a euro account today so will switch with work next week.

I would really love to personally resolve your concern for today but my shift is about to end. Don’t worry though, as I will be transferring you to my friend who’s also knowledgeable enough to continue what we are doing to resolve this. You don’t need to repeat yourself as everything is already on this chat. I am hoping for a positive result. May you have a lovely day, and don’t forget to smile!

A message from customer service. Utter frauds

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It’s threads like this that really convince me Revolut are really only just a Mickey Mouse travel card setup.