Revolut no more supporting INR?


I just noticed Revolut disabled exchange to INR currency while it was actived 1 week ago, is that any internal issue? can you please share more details about that?

Thanks in advance.

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allegedly it was removed because of a change in India’s legislation forbidding usage of INR abroad

Then how the hell does Transferwise support it then?

Revolut supports INR, you can still pay in INR and the conversion will be on the fly, but you are not legally allowed to store INR.

And it’s the same for TransferWise :slight_smile:

don’t ask difficult questions please

on transferwise you can have a balance in INR, I just created an “account” and converted a few USD back and forth


Then I am wrong :slight_smile: sorry !

please don’t make it a habit :wink:

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I’ll try, I’ll try :slight_smile:

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You means, if we have balance in EUR and pay anything in INR, it will be converted current exchange rate from INR (paying currency) to EUR (available currency in your Revolut)?