Revolut no longer compatible with BlueStacks!

Not happy at all.
I had revolut set up on Bluestacks for myself and my wife. I manage my wife’s balance from this android emulator on windows 10.

Now they have updated their app and it’s no longer compatible with the emulator!!

Is anyone else using Bluestacks?
is there an alternative emulator to access revolut on windows?

This is a step back for Revolut. I will write to their developers.
If your phone and card are stolen this is the best way to freeze your cards.

Let us know what they say. I think a webapp is due and this has been requested in other threads as well.

If your phone and card are stolen I would suggest calling the number specifically for lost and stolen cards, I’m sure someone would be able to do this for you.

As for using an emulator, I’m not entirely sure if this is against T&C but I would read it first before contacting them


Also, it is not a developer’s goal to have the app run in an emulator! :rofl:

This is a step back for Revolut.

I lol’d!


What revision of the app are you using? I use Revolut on bluestacks without any problem (I am on beta version of the app)

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Have you tried to install android inside virtual machine on Windows for example VirtualBox ?

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