Revolut - no API - no web UI? Bunq?

I am a programmer and i have been waiting a good while for an API(this was mentioned at a berlin event last year) and a web UI, its one of those things that make me most nervous about using Revolut is loosing my phone and going through some hardc0re hoops to get my shit back and working.

I am currently looking at Bunq because it has a full on API for over a year now you have to pay their 7.99euro a month for it, but there is a LOT of stuff you get with the account, and they have upto 100k cover if your money is lost.

also your subscription can be canceled at any time and just use the free account, all be it very limited free account, nice when you are out of cash though.

Ive heard a lot of horror stories of people loosing phones or support just not being available because of the lack of investment in support. Support to your customers is Key, and it seems your failing at it miserably at the moment. My brother had an issue with his account getting locked and he got no explanation at all about why his account got locked, now hes distrustful of the service, also make me nervous as well.

Please Revolut change these key elements its making your service less appealing by the day, less focus on emojis in the app and more on critically needed features, once i find out from friends who use Bunq if its good or not i will make my decision, probably will keep my Revolut account since its free for backup, but it would not be my main account anymore.