Revolut - NETOPIA mobilPay Romania


I have been using Revolut for paying invoices online since March without problems but today I have tried to pay my electircity bill without success. I have tried paying ‘Electrica’ bill with a virtual VISA card. It went normally and after it checked the 3D secured it showed that the transaction was not completed and my money appear as ‘pending’ on revolut (funds are blocked). I have also tried one more time and it happened the same.

Any Romanian have the same issues? Did they stopped accepting Revolut cards? They only have monday - friday support and I cannot contact them.

Edit: What should I do to get the money unlocked? Should I do something or the transaction will be automatically reverted (money unlocked) in a few days?


If they require 3D secure you are out of luck. It’s a known issue with Revolut cards for quite a while now: No bank without 3D SECURE

The transactions are pending as you have seen. Because they did not complete they should be reverted eventually but it will take some days.

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I know but in the past it was working. I mean 3D secure check appeared but it was automatically confirmed till today…

Merchants with Netopia or Libra gateway never worked for me.
And it’s due to lack of 3DSecure

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I think the reason might be different, as for me netopia mobilPay works fine without 3DSecure. (virtual VISA, uk BIN).

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