Revolut needs to learn about the purpose of a forum


Two topics (plus one user account) were just closed without any further explanation to the user and the community as to why.

My dear Revolut, this leaves an extremely bad taste about your transparency. Not only have you used your opaque 19.1 clause already way too often, in this case it was not even communicated that 19.1 was the reason.

Whatever the reason was, if you offer a forum (and encourage people to use it) you must not be surprised when such topics appears. Handling them the way you have done this most of the time so far is about the worst possible way you could pick.

If you dont want public discussions, shut the forum and offer proper direct support where people can contact you about these issues in private.

Account locked after receiving money. I need it urgently for my holiday.

once someone told me that :r:evolut was like Tor, both been defended because of their honest uses but created to perform the other.

I do trust :r:evolut, specially those working on CS here and on social media, but the lack of openness really sets it apart from all other fintechs and sometimes makes you cringe.


I must say I’m also a bit frustrated by how some topics are completely ignored; for example, there are some posts about strange exchange rates which are being discussed for months / years and never get any official statement (except for that you are investigating, but that alone doesn’t really help, so please also include the results of the investigation).


A recent WTF was the silent removal of INR support and a couple of weeks ago the silent change in the rules about withdrawing crypto currency.
I don’t use either but I would have expected some official announcement instead of users discovering the change and asking here about it without official response for days


These occurrences do shake my confidence in Revolut. It cant be that user accounts get closed without any sort of notification and justification. As it stands right now - in the absence of any sort of official statement so far - that could happen to anybody at any time.


The story continues, the second thread as well as user ( were now completely removed.


Revolut is becoming evil as any other fancy start-up then it reaches unicorn level. All this bullshit about community is for naive hipsters. People tend to ignore this fact. If your opinion is different, keep it yourself or you will be banned. Plain simple.


So much what’s been written in this thread is true. Thank you @alessandro for starting it. You have been one of the guys who tried to help those stranded souls coming to this forum for help. Sometimes it makes me wonder what motives guys like you have devoting your time and putting up with occasional idiots to try help fix issues that Revolut support is not cappable or inclined to fix. Strong words of criticism from folks like you or @Juliopp mean that I am not the only one who feels that something wrong is taking place inside Revolut. Crypto exchanges banned out of the blue, FX rates seemingly pulled out of the hat, users banned from forum exactly for what? Like you guys said, google, apple, Starbucks, started as cool brands for niche clientele and turned into monsters avoiding taxes, abusing privacy, lobbying governments…should the latest unicorn announcement serve as a turning point in Revolut’s story?


I am not sure if I’d say evil yet but the level of disorganisation and negligence towards customer satisfaction is worrying.

As long as all is sunshine and roses Revolut provides a pretty decent and unrivalled service. Once **** hits the fan though you better have your bases covered.

@AndreasK, could you please shed some light as to what happened - and if possible :slight_smile: not with the canned 19.1 response that the service had to be suspended and no further details can be disclosed.

I fully understand you wont be able to disclose actual customer details but I’d hope for an “anonymised” overview what happened and why the case was handled the way it was (basically not handled :wink: ). I guess the community and user base does deserve some clarification and reassurances.


Hi Alessandro. I’m really sorry about this but I’ve explained this to you again via a direct message if I’m not mistaken.

However, I’m going to highlight it again. Unfortunately as an FCA regulated institution, we cannot discuss publicly WHY an account has been suspended, at least no more than what we have already posted here. Once our compliance team has confirmed that we’re no longer able to provide services to X or Y user then we are obliged to suspend the account here too.

I do understand your concerns and I wish I could be able to provide more info about each case but due to “Tipping Off” & AML regulations I’m not.

At this point, I would appreciate your understanding.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK could you tell us why no notice was given before some of the crypto exchanges were blacklisted? Why there wasn’t even official announcement after blacklisting? People were left confused and upset. You guys have built your following as a crypto friendly company.


p.s. Rest assured, our acts always aim to protect the safety of our users and our system.


For the record, I’d like to point out that we have not been in contact about the case at hand.

As I wrote I understand that bit and - as I wrote :wink: - I was hoping for an anonymised version. Again, I believe the community does deserve some clarification at this point.

Thats the thing, nothing has been posted about this case. The customer got his community account blocked at thats it. It is not even clear whether his Revolut account was closed.

Sorry, but I have a hard time believing this. I cant imagine the community and its user accounts would be remotely connected to any (financial) accounts governed by regulations.

@AndreasK, while I’d tend to believe you, there is still a difference between words and action :). Even apart from the user at hand, the fact that the community came to a complete halt when one support member takes his (well deserved) vacation does not speak in favour of Revolut’s customer support and how things are organised/planned.


My fault. That’s why I said “if I’m not mistaken”

We’re only able to mention section 19.9 and nothing more than this according to AML regulations.

No any other financial institution or a bank is obliged or able to provide the reason why an account has been suspended, for obvious reasons! AML regulation & Tipping Off can be found online in case you need read more about it.

We’re really sorry about the absence of notice in advance, however, this was a sudden and sad decision that we had to implement immediately. Again, as an FCA regulated entity Revolut has to match compliance requirements which did force us to exclude some crypto exchange from our platform.


Regarding this, Jessica was monitoring community page, however, as this has been previously explained, due to massive demand on our social media and in-app chat there was less attention here.


fine, but why Revolut did not issue statement AFTER blacklisting exchanges? People’s transfers were going back and forth which is unprofessional to say the least.


This question has not been answered for the past two weeks. I have been naive expecting to have it answered here. I am afraid those who use crypto exchanges and got messed up are not going to use Revolut’s own crypto platform. But hey, they are minority user base, so no reason to worry, right?


Sorry I missed your first message. Our support team has informed all the affected users.


@AndreasK So what about the strange exchange rates?

There hasn’t been any message from the Revolut team since July 2017 (almost one year ago!) which promised to sort this out and nothing happened.

I’d also appreciate any further data on how the FCA requires you to block or remove community board profiles. Seems utterly strange to me and doesn’t make the least sense since the accounts on this board are not at all connected to financial activities.


Thank you for this. I have already escalated this to the relevant. Be sure, the team is looking into it and once I have an update I will let you know as I previously did.