Revolut needing Datavolumen even it's not open?


Since Dec 22, I have a new contract with some included Data-Volume running a few days now. Before, I used WLAN and Hotspots, so Volume didn’t matter.

Today, I’ve seen the Revolut App used 2MB via LTE, eventough I didn’t use the app. Had it running while Mobiledata was deactivated (and WLAN active), but not while being on LTE…

Sure, 2MB isn’t an amount to worry about (i have 2GB inclusive), but still

…does the Revolut-App use some “background-connections”, or is this some kind of a bug?

(if it’s a “feature” - is there a way I can tell the app “only in WLAN”?)


Hey @the-mike :slight_smile:

I guess the way the app checks for notifications, updates and so on might consume this amount of data :thinking:


So it’d be a bug, because (well maybe i’m the only one, but) I wouldn’t want the revolut-app to check, show or download (messages or account-infos) without me being logged in… So notifications and other (account)updates should be updated after entering the pin/login with fingerprint…

If the app searches for app-updates, it would also be a security-concern: why not via app-store (google play in my case)?

(well ok, play-services consumed over 12MB via LTE eventough I configured “search and load Updates only when in Wireles-LAN”)